January 2022 Newsletter

As we hunker down for another CoVid winter, the SRA is doing what we can to keep the spirit of community alive. If you need help, please let us know either by emailing sra@strathcona-residents.org or phoning Dan at 604-347-9003.
We’ll be holding our January Meeting on Weds. Jan 5 from 7-9 PM via Zoom. Joining us will be Darren Miller from Park Board to discuss plans for an enclosed off-leash dog area in Strathcona Park (see below).
A link and agenda will be sent out to all members on Monday. If you’re not a member, you can sign up here. If you have items you’d like to add to the agenda or other questions, e-mail me.
Plans for an Off-Leash Area in Strath Park

In December, a group of residents met with Darren Miller, a planner from Vancouver Park Board, to discuss creating an enclosed off-leash area in the northeast corner of Strathcona Park. (The picture above is from Pandora Park in Hastings Sunrise, but we’re told it will be similar.) This could happen as soon as next year – and would officially be considered temporary until the (hoped for) Master Plan kicks in with a re-design for the entire park. Darren will be at our meeting next Wednesday to discuss where the plan is at and to get your input. 
456 Prior Street Proposal  
We have 36 signatures on our letter of concern regarding the proposed building at 456 Prior. If you would like to add your name and address, e-mail it to 456Prior@strathcona-residents.org.  We’ll send the letter in January.
Air Quality Monitoring Project
The plan is to begin stationing air quality monitors around the neighbourhood in February and March. Here’s a link to details.  We hoping to recruit 4-6 residents to be part of a Citizen Science Working Group. The group will interface with the consultant overseeing the monitors to be the community’s eyes and ears: reviewing the data, raising awareness, and researching mitigation measures. This is a two-year commitment, for as long as the monitors are in place, but requires no scientific background. Just commitment. We’d love to include a teenager and also residents who are particularly vulnerable to pollution (seniors, people with respiratory issues, moms with kids, biker riders, etc). If you’re interested, email AQProject@strathcona-residents.org.
 Celebrate Strathcona Summer Event  
In the hope that summer will be a return to some kind of new normal, we’re trying to organize a neighbourhood celebration the Strathcona Park that will include a picnic, family fun, discover-your- community workshops, music and dancing. Sounds fun, yes? The date is Saturday, June 11, 2023. Click here for details. Let us know if you’d like to be involved in fundraising, organizing, promoting, etc.
Community Talks  
As it seems that in-person meetings won’t be happening anytime soon, we’re toying with the idea of hosting a series of online discussions, each focused on a particular subject that impacts our community (reconciliation, DTES, Chinatown, Strathcona’s future), hosted by people knowledgeable enough to provide outside perspective and wisdom. Please take this poll of possible topics. Check the ones that interest you – or add your own ideas.