7-9 PM

Dan Jackson, Chair

Mike Rhone, Minutes

Notes from Craig Ollenberger (president of the Grandview/Woodlands Area Council)

  • Grandview/Woodland community wants a pedestrian-first approach on Commercial Drive
  • Bike lanes are also being considered, but with lower interest
  • The community seeks Strathcona residents’ support and feedback to push the city to implement this approach
  • Community is interested in street furniture and pedestrian-centric design
  • Community also wants to support Strathcona’s efforts in calming Prior Street.

880 East Hastings Development Application:

  • Community is unsure about the change to social services and is concerned about disorder in the area and about the potential expansion of services beyond the proposal’s scope
  • Meeting attended by SRA board members, residents
  • Community expressed concern over lack of engagement with families in social housing at Stamps Place and Ray-Cam community centre
  • Ray-Cam board has confirmed with low income folks they want better engagement in the future
  • Suggestion of a good neighbour agreement similar to what was done with Strathcona Brewery
  • Residents encouraged to report any uptick in issues to the city via 311
  • Strathcona Community Policing center is available to assist and help with concerns
  • General support for Get Drugs Tested Here to continue their current testing services
  • Acknowledgement of their good work without causing disruption to other businesses on the street
  • Suggestion of a good neighbour agreement similar to what was done with Strathcona Brewery
  • Powell Street Lookout Society relocated drop-in center to 500 block of Hastings with no public notice
  • Centre’s back entrance causing considerable disruption in the alley behind it (trash, fire, feces, campers).

Celebrate Strathcona:

  • Event is on June 10 and planning is underway
  • Last year’s event was a great success
  • Looking for people to organize and connect activities (even simple ones such as teaching kids to jump rope, Bubble blowing, Sidewalk chalk art, Bean bag toss game)
  • Especially hopeful to find a group to host an art-oriented activity
  • Music is planned unless the eagles are nesting
  • Community is being asked to spread the word about the event

Strathcona Park and off-leash dog park issues:

  • Responsibility for addressing these issues will fall on the community itself.
  • MacLean Park Off Leash dogs are being ticketed much more frequently due to complaints from parents
  • Park Board doesn’t have the time/money to get involved in helping sort out a working dog strategy.
  • The community is advocating for Strathcona Renewal to be a priority for the city. Strathcona is a high-density, low-income neighborhood with a shortage of community-oriented greenspace. The community believes that prioritizing the renewal of parks and greenspaces is important for the well-being of its residents.
  • The SRA is encouraging people to write to the Park Board and ask them to prioritize the park in the next capital plan. The community can send a quick note to the Park Board through the link provided (
  • The SRA has conducted a survey to gather input on improvements that residents would like to see in the park. The survey results are available at

New developments along Hastings

  • The City has a requirement in the DTES plan that new developments in the area should have at least a 20/80 social housing mix
  • Developers have opted to build 100% social housing projects to avoid mixed use
  • The community is concerned that segregating people living in social housing is not in the spirit of the bylaw
  • New developments are located along the heavily polluted Clark corridor, which raises concerns about air quality for seniors
  • The community is interested in ensuring the building of street-level retail to create a “Great Street” in the area
  • 9 out of 15 air quality monitors have been installed in the area
  • UBC students conducted a study on air quality in the area
  • Trefor Smith is the person to approach if the community has any questions

VFPA’s Rolling Truck Age Program:

  • The Rolling Truck Age program has been delayed again for the 3rd time in 3 years.
  • A member of the SRA board believes that it may shift to an incentive program
  • Approximately 85% compliance has been achieved so far
  • The SRA is working with the port, who are supportive of the initiative
  • Communication and relationships with the port and Centrum (other communities involved) are good

Other items:

  • SRA plans on following up with the port to investigate the issue of garbage concrete piling up at the end of Heatley Ave
  • A resident reported that a methadone clinic on 600 block Powell St has ceased operations
  • Conflicts between residents and visitors to the site were noted while another resident noted the clinic provides an essential service
  • SRA was not aware of the site or operation/issues
  • SRA does not take a position on the discussion currently.