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Update on Prowler Dressed as Utility Worker

Third incident reported
[from Block Watch Alert]

Description: White male, Late 30s, about 5'10", Skinny, Dark hair, No facial
hair - was wearing dark pants and a grey sweater, white hard hat, high vis
vest. [---] thinks it was a mountain bike. It didn't have a trailer when
she saw it.

The case number is 2013-170189. Any reports any of us receive or anyone
calling 911 should quote this number.


We have been receiving
reports over the past few days about a guy wearing a hard hat and high vis
vest who tried to break into the apartment of our Block Watch captain,
[---] , last Sunday at about 11:30 pm when she was home. We had a
good discussion at today's Safety Meeting about the incident [---]
reported -- some reviewing the incident and quite a bit about how the women
can better protect themselves. The description of the incident is below, as
well as a description of the guy in question.

Incident description from [---] , who lives in the Stamps Place complex:
Last night at 11:30 pm I turned my lights out on my main floor to watch a
movie with my boy. About ten minutes later someone shone a light into the
window. The guy was dressed as a construction worker which someone would
easily assume was hydro or housing. He was wearing a white hard hat and high
vis vest. I pounded on my window and continued to scream at him making
enough of a racket that he took off on his bike. He had a white metal rod to
break the window. Or rather as someone else said, to use in case the tenant
came home. I should have had my son phone 911 while confronting him. During
the invasion I first panicked in case he was coming in, then became angry.
There was nothing on my deck, so he wasn't looking for bottles not did he
fit the urban binner profile. He fled on his bike. Last I heard VPD had no
luck in finding him and hopefully he did not break into anyone else's place.
Last night he said several things that made me aware he has been watching
our places for awhile, eg the previous tenant had furniture on the deck.

This was followed up by a report from a Strathcona resident who was walking
her dog in the early morning and came across the guy, wearing a hard hat and
had a bike with a trailer. He shone his flashlight in her eyes and rode
away. We also had a report that he was spotted on Tuesday night in someone's
yard in the 600 block of Union.