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Are you prepared for disaster? Find out at the SRA meeting: Wed, Nov 5th 7:15 pm

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello everyone,

We have lots of news and events to tell you about, but first of all mark
your calendars for the upcoming SRA meeting, Wednesday, November
5th at 7:15 pm (@ the Strathcona Community Centre, 601 Keefer)
’Disaster and Fire Planning’ with guest speaker Ron
Ewart, Captain of Disaster & Emergency Planning of the Vancouver Fire
and Rescue Service.

Ron will talk about the crucial topic of personal emergency preparedness and
fire safety, specifically in neighbourhood’s like ours where houses are old, wood-framed and very close together. He will go over the various programs and resources available throughout the city and answer any questions we may have.

The rest of the agenda for that evening is as follows:
Approval of meeting minutes October 1st, 2014
Business arising from the minutes
Committee reports:

Executive Council (including a Stamps Place update and SRA Letter of support)

  • Zoning committee
  • Prior Street committee
  • Strathcona Community Centre Association update (Jack Fraser)
  • Coalition of Neighbourhoods update (Gordon & Chris) including a report from the All Candidates meeting
  • Film committee
  • Treasurer


  • Social on December 3rd, catered!
  • Heart of the City Festival events
  • Strathcona Craft Fair
  • Upcoming speakers
  • Next meeting December 3rd 2014 at 7:15PM

New Business/Announcements from the floor

Following are the minutes from last month’s two meetings on October 1st:


MINUTES - Strathcona Resident’s Association, monthly meeting

October 1st, 2014 7PM

Presentation by Britannia Community Centre (BCC)- Cynthia Lo, David Parent
Cynthia began. The BCC is currently undergoing a process that will result in a new and expanded BCC. Since BCC has demographics similar to the Strathcona Community Centre (SCC), understanding their plan and process can help us do the same for the SCC's probable renovation.

Cynthia gave some of the historical background to the evolution of community and community activism in Britannia and how it was tied with issues also confronting Strathcona. BCC is run by a Board of Management, not a Board of Directors, and its mandate has been to find out and meet the needs of the community. It is and always has been more than a recreation centre.

The need for a redesign and rebuild were identified early, and in 2005 a needs assessment was conducted. In 2007 a master plan was developed, in 2010 a strategic plan, and since then BCC has been lobbying for funds to rebuild. In 2015 the City agreed to provide funds. Now the issue is ensuring those funds will be spent to serve the community’s and not the Parks and Rec’s goals.

David then described some of the identified needs. One is for a space which would be open plan and easily repartitioned and repurposed for community and artist’s use. The community has also identified a need for daycare, housing and other more diversified services. They would like the new facilities to be more open and visible and secure. The BCC is now looking at 3 capital plans for a larger destination pool, skating rink and gym, for library, teen and seniors spaces, family resources, for gardens and public spaces, and for 'common spaces which would be designed to accommodate groups and services that are not yet, but will be in demand as the community changes. The City is receptive to what they term 'co-location' of diverse services in this way.

There were number of questions which led to a greater clarification from the speakers, but also some critical concerns
Concern about how a large redesign and rebuild of BCC into a 'destination' would affect SCC. The SCC could receive nothing to provide services locally, and residents would just be told to go to BCC.
Response: Co-location, providing a wider range of community services and resources, could save SCC. The City would regard SCC, with its library and school, as being a suitable candidate for re-build. The problem the SCC confronts is that it is under the Parks Board, while BCC and RayCam are managed independent of the Parks Board. So SCC would be strengthened by working with other Parks and non-Parks CCs to push for funds jointly.
Response: Jack mentioned that the library is leaving the SCC. The SCC has been meeting with the City to get funds and has met with a great deal of frustration. The City is beginning to notice they have to address the decay of the infrastructure and the need to encourage local services. It has begun a process of community consultation, but we are late asking and they are late responding.
Response: Elana emphasized BCC worked very hard in creating and demanding a consultative process. The BCC rebuild has already been approved, the SCC is still identifying needs. We should not react out of jealousy or feel threatened by this. We need to create a group or committee out of the SRA to begin backing up the efforts of the BCC and extend them to the SCC. Cynthia mentioned that the process is a marathon not a sprint. The BCC is aware that they are the 500lb gorilla of CCs and they want to make sure they are cooperative and responsive to the CCs in the area. That’s why they are here, now.

Close of Meeting- in recognition of time constraints, the review of meeting minutes and announcements was put of and the group moved to the opening of the Annual General Meeting at 7:45PM.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Strathcona Residents Association
Strathcona Community Centre October 1st 2014

Call to order
At 7:45PM when quorum was established.
Meeting is chaired by Elana Zysblat, minutes by Gordon Roe

Six positions on the SRA Executive Council are open. They are Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 at-large positions.
Background: Previous council members described the genesis of the Council a year ago and discussed its functioning since then. The Council are elected as equals and then tasked with appointing the three named officers. All members of the Council share responsibility for business of the SRA at and between the monthly meetings.
Nominations: Rick Archambault, Chris Coleman, Roberta Robertson, Gordon Roe and Elana Zysblat were nominated for positions.
Motion/Carried: to elect all nominees to the Executive Council for one year terms.
Gordon Roe was directed to file the necessary papers with Victoria

Background: The SRA has a history of active committees concentrating on issues of importance to the neighbourhood and our neighbours. Committees have also been a way to involve people who are not necessarily interested in a larger commitment of time and energy in the SRA. These committees have faded in the last year since the SRA adopted the more formal structure of the Council. The Council members can and should do only so much. The decision was to encourage the membership in creating new or supporting existing committees, to extend membership involvement and provide more for the community.
Examples of issues needing engagement (existing or planned) were listed as Zoning, Prior St., Film, Community Centre, Safety and Security, Neighbourhood Police liaison, Bike Traffic and Safety, Guest Speakers, Festivals and Socials, Coalition of Neighbourhood Associations, etc.
Council- Gordon, Elana, Chris will continue, with Roberta and Rick joining new. One position remains vacant and can be filled by appointment at a later date
Zoning Cmtee. Dick Hellofs volunteered, 2 more vacancies
The cmtee has a minimum of 4, maximum of 7, members. There are currently 4, after 3 recent resignations. Because of the complexity of the development and zoning bureaucracy, we encourage people to consider a 3 year commitment. The committee consults with the City on any development permits to ensure that housing and heritage is sustained in Strathcona. The City listens to us and so it our responsibility to speak in defense of the neighbourhood.
Film. Suji Won and Ryan Tang volunteered, no fixed limit to members.
This group keeps track of productions happening in the neighbourhood and makes sure they pay the community fee to the SCC and the SRA
Prior Street. John Hawkes and Dick Hellofs volunteered no fixed limit to members.
This group watches the City’s plans for the traffic changes on Prior Street and the Viaduct, and advocates on the neighbourhoods behalf,
Strathcona Community Centre. Jack Fraser, Gordon Roe and Marion Pollack volunteered, no fixed limit to members.
This group was formed at the meeting in response to the presentation by the Britannia Community Centre on their redesign. It will work with the SCC and provide the support and assistance of the SRA in advocating for much needed improvements to or replacement of the existing centre.
Coalition of Neighbourhood Associations. Elana Zysblat will continue as SRA’s representative, no fixed limit to members. Actually she would love some help.
This an umbrella organization that is attempting to keep an eye on and advocate for community consultation in the City’s rezoning and redevelopment plans

The remaining issues and committees will be addressed in later meetings.

Motion to adjourn 9:15PM