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BREAKING: Expanded train service and disruptions between Port and Flats

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Please note:

"CN is increasing freight train service via the two-mile-long Burrard Inlet (BI) spur line in urban Vancouver, that crosses Glen Drive, Venables, Union and Cordova beginning on January 2, 2017 to improve service to customers.

The crossings are protected by lights and bells, and CN reminds motorists that all signals should be obeyed, for their own safety.

A reminder to the public that freight trains operate seven days per week, 24 hours per day. CN expects to operate a minimum of six trains, of varying length, daily.

Safety remains our top priority at CN, and we would like to remind the public that it is important to stay vigilant at crossings and that trespassing onto railroad tracks is illegal and highly dangerous."

— official statement from the Edmonton office of the Senior Manager of Government and Stakeholders at CN,
released January 3, 2016

This service change has come as a complete surprise to the City as well as local stakeholders.
We'll discuss what this means to local traffic and safety, emergency response planning, and hazardous material shipments at tonight's SRA meeting (7:00, Community Centre).

City officials are still scheduled to attend tonight's meeting to discuss and update on False Creek Flats planning, and a new east-west arterial to replace Prior Street. The news of CN's decision is particularly germane to this conversation.