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Community Panel Follow-up

Friday, November 9, 2018

First off, thanks to the many people who came out for our November SRA meeting.  It was inspiring and invigorating to see Strathcona rally once again behind the future on our neighbourhood.

For anyone who did not make the meeting, Susanna Haas Lyons, the chair of the Community Panel, sent a copy of her presentation. Here's a link.  If you would like an overview of the concerns that came up at the meeting, here another link.

For anyone who would like to be on the Panel, here's the link to apply online.  You can also apply by phone at 778-381-9121. The deadline to apply is Dec. 10. We strongly encourage all Strathcona residents, especially those who feel most impacted by the Panel's decision, to apply.

In October, the SRA voted to endorse the National-Charles option proposed in our A Better Way Report.  We've been hearing feedback that this option pits Strathcona residents again business owners on Produce Row.  This is not true. We consider Produce Row to be part of our community and want to see it evolve and prosper. We feel that the National-Charles option gives Produce Row businesses better access than the William (though the park) option which they continue to support. We are very disappointed that their coalition has refused to even discuss the National-Charles option with us. That's not how community should work.