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Communties Matter: Calm Prior Action Items

Friday, September 6, 2019
February Rally

First, a big thanks to all who came to this week's SRA meeting.  For those who couldn't make it, here's what you need to know... and do.

Vancouver City Council is expected to vote as soon as October 2 on where to put the long debated Flats arterial.  City staff will release a report just days before recommending one of two options: NatCha (the Community Panel's choice) and Prior. The Vegas odds are Prior because it cheap and easy. 

Here are Ten Good Reasons why this should matter to you:

Ten Good Reasons to Oppose Prior

Ten Good Reasons to Support NatCha

Unless we can activate many stakeholders to howl in protest, it will be Prior.

Here's what you can do... and if you care about this issue, even a little, do something. This is your neighbourhood and your future. Own it.

Write down why this issue matters to you personally. Tell your story. Here's who to send it to.

Spread the word.  Make copies of our Calm Prior flyer and hand them out. Forward this e-mail to friends amd neighbours. Knock on doors.

Join our Facebook Group: Communities Matter: Calm Prior 

Tweet and Instragram to @StrathconaRes and all these others.

Rally. A rally is in the planning stages for early October. Make sure you're on our list for details. To help organize, e-mail me.

Speak to Council. Your can do it! It's important, especially if you can bring expertise or emotion or represent the diversity of our community. Penny is coordinating. E-mail her.

Get Smart. Attend our Air Quality Workshop (AKA The Plague on Prior) tentatively scheduled for Sept. 28. Trefor is organizing and needs help promoting it. E-mail him.

We will post updates as we get them, including a link to the staff report and council agendas.

Stay tuned. And get involved.