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December 2019 Newsletter

Friday, November 29, 2019


We’ve opted not to hold a regular monthly meeting in December as there’s not much to meet about. The new board did meet in November. Here are the minutes of that meeting. The next regular monthly meeting will be on Weds. Jan. 8, 7-9 PM at the SCC.


Katie Lewis has taken on the task of refreshing our social media platforms and consolidating our several Facebook pages. For now, here are links to our preferred Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Check them out and share your thoughts and pictures.


The Prior Street Working Group will be meeting with city staff in early December to review plans for calming Prior. They'll give an update at the January meeting. The goal is to begin the first phase of calming measures in January.


Shortly after our November meeting, there was another break-in on Prior. The homeowner captured on a security camera a man holding a knife. Constable Janine Tanino confirmed that he was arrested soon after.

She reminds us that the best actions we can take to prevent crime are to report even minor crimes (like car break-ins), to make breaking-in hard by locking doors and windows (even second-story windows) and to take photos of suspicious people and activity (which provide both evidence and warn potential criminals that they’re being watched). Security cameras clearly help, but so can taking a quick snap with your phone.


The SRA is applying for a grant from the Centerm Community Fund to initiate a local air quality monitoring and education program. (Thanks to Trefor Smith for his hard work and persistence on this front). This could be an excellent opportunity for the Port to take a high profile and cutting-edge step toward achieving it's stated goals of community engagement and becoming the most sustainable port in North America.

We have also formed an Air Quality Working Group to develop local expertise and strategies for holding the port, the railroads and governments accountable for air quality in East Van. E-mail us for more info.


One of our goals for 2020 is to expand our focus from solving problems to promoting community. One of Strathcona’s greatest assets has long been our strong sense of community, but it’s been noted that certain groups – young families new to the area and seniors – sometimes struggle to connect. In 2020, we like to explore what the SRA might do to help promote community for these groups – and potentially others who face similar struggles. We'd love to get your thoughts. E-mail us.


The SRA currently has about 275 active members. Being able to reach residents directly has been crucial to our growing ability to have a voice in local issues. But we need to more residents aware and involved. Please forward this e-mail to any neighbours who you think would be interested in joining. It’s free. Just use this form. If you have a problem using the online form, please let us know by e-mail. We recently fixed the security warning some people were concerned about.