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Monday, May 1, 2017

Due to the unavailability of speakers for our May SRA Meeting, we are postponing our gathering to discuss "The Diversity of Strathcona" to next month's meeting on June 6th. We will also revisit the Centerm Port Expansion and the city's plans for the new St. Paul’s Hospital and integrated health campus in the False Creek Flats.

Kind regards, 

SRA Council

SRA Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2017


Dan, Patricia, Jeff, Phyllis, carol, Kathrine, Liisa, Lilian, Lynn, Keith, Judy (board at raycam), Wayne, Marianne, Carla, black sun studio , Dick, Jeremy, Joy, Stephan, Dean, David, Beatty, Bruce, Steve, Kristiana, Esther, Godfrey, Michael, Johanna, Charis, Amra


Liisa and Lilian here from the Port? 

·         Request for Strathcona Residents to fill out attendance sheet. 

o   Who has been there for 3 meetings? You can vote

·         Overview of the agenda for the evening: 

o   Williams Street Extension Through the Park

o   Centerm Port Expansion

o   Union Bikeway

o   Community Policing Centre

·         Prior Street Extension: 

o   Railroad wants to close off Prior 

o   Need to build a new arterial: turn Williams into a new street, through the Strathcona Gardens. 

o   Questions:

§   Elaborate on it—is it basically going to happen for sure?  

§  Dan: Yes, it seems that an arterial has to be created for sure. People on Malkin are opposed. Only option left is Williams, which 

§  Dick: To hear that Prior would be closed completely would mean that we would lose a local bus- we need to ensure that we keep the bus

§  What sort of access would there be off that new road to enter our community? 

§  Dan: Maybe Heatley or Hawkes would be the connection. It is up for discussion

§  There has been discussion about making Hawkes part of the Strathcona Park. 

§  Flats proposal: The 22 bus would still be running along Prior Street. Though I am not sure how. 

§  Can cars go up and down? 

§  Dan: The plan is no, they wouldn’t be able to. Go up Glen or Hastings. If they close adanac, where will bikes go? Maybe a tunnel, no one has thought it through

§  Carla: Flats meeting- will Raymur have access to new street if it came in at Williams?

§  Williams will be elevated, so Raymur will connect to Malkin. 

§  There are a lot of dead end streets- does that mean they will open them up?

§  Dan: No. If prior is closed, traffic will go down Hastings or new road. 

§  Mike: I’ve been writing letters to council regarding the stupidity of what they are doing- making a short term solution to long term problem. The proposal is immoral and against accepted human rights. Creating ill health and genetic disabilities due to air pollution. There is good data to show that if you build a highway within 300m of a park that it affects the children and people for generations. 

§  Dan: Your issue is having an arterial road through a park? 

§  Mike: Yes, it’s something that is seen in babies, birth defects. (Mike is a Doctor) and is finding that the council is just ignoring the data that shows that is it wrong

§  Michael: A road will be going through, that road will not happen on National because of expense. No one willing to pay for it

§  Why is it still on a table if it is not a no go? Why are we voting for it? Can we just rally together and just say we do not want a road through a park?

§  Michael: yes, but if we try and stop it they may just stop their plan and do things with the port and trains. 

§  But we are here to stop it , to bring up issues with pollution. It’s crazy to say that National just won’t happen. 

§  Black Sun Studio: This is basically happening. I’ve been fighting this for so long. The hospital does not want it on National. The parks board change to Weibe, who is also fighting for businesses.  It won’t really make a difference to be at Malkin vs. Williams. The best we can hope for is delay, because they think that they are giving us Prior, that is enough. The mayor is too scared to admit they will never go through National, Province and hospital are against it. We are delusional to think it will be Malkin or National. Williams still has impact on businesses, plus the park. 

§  Dan: These issues are still on the table, But SRA has not had a chance to form an opinion

§  If road on Williams or Malkin, either one is not good for our health. 

§  Mike: Max danger is 300m. The issue being ignored is the long term impact on health. Parks have a positive impact on health. In Boston- a year study showed very strong data that traffic pollution is very bad. 

§  Carla: I thought this road was a replacement of Prior, not a highway. 

§  Dick: 5% less

§  700 Block Union Street: We represent SR, and having a road through the park is not an option. We should be here to make a stand, to vote because there are only a couple of options. We need to say we don’t want a road running through the park, we don’t have to it out for them. 

§  Judy: Park issue is a key issue, because this park has been one that is unsafe to go to that we have been looking forward to using when Prior Street is calmed, but now what? We won’t have a park when the road is safe to cross. It may be a done deal, but we need more parks. 

§  Dan: There have been many done deals that Strathcona has faced. 

§  Judy: Whatever decisions is made, we need to make it clear that we want to be a part of the road design. 

§  Dick: Fourth Option: Turn into Malkin, cut off little corner of trillium park, then to storage bins, then along North side of storage yard, then railroad training centre, then cross railroad at same length as at Malkin. Then storage yard could move onto Malkin. 

§  I find it offensive that they are even thinking of putting a road through the park. Port expansion is already reducing green space and creating pollution. 

§  Dan: Let’s take a stand? 

·         National :

·         Malkin:

·         Williams: 2

·         Fourth Option: 

§  We can take the position that we do not accept the Williams option, the city can figure it out, or we can offer the Fourth Option. 

§  Clara: Can we ask for an exchange, and get Prior made into park?   ….No, they are not really closing it. 

§  Black: City is only paying 15%, rest is federal, corporate. Parks board is wheeling and dealing. We were pushing National. City says they don’t have a voice, we need to push the corporations. 

§  Dan: we can say we are against going through the park. I will pass around a sheet. Can Dick write up idea and we all can look at it and send it to the city? 

Centerm Port Expansion: 

·         DAN: At the orange cranes, gantries. 

·         Have applied to expand the facilities there for efficiency, and increase capacity of port from 900,000 to 1.5 million. 

·         Doing improvements to facility. Close Healty overpass and improve a road so reduce truck traffic.  We have not discussed this, so I hope we can talk about it. 

o   The pollution, reduction of greenspace and increased train traffic. City could do some air pollution tests.

o   Lisa: There have been tests. Ships at berth leave their engines running. The Centerm and Delta Terminal are introducing power to have the ships plug into while docked, instead of engines. We are expanding the western berth, for two ships, both using short power. 

o   By how much will the pollution expand? 

o   Lisa: We didn’t consider our short power idea, but the worse case scenario would see an increase, but we are trying to find ways to mitigate those pollutants. New cranes, diesel powered. Increase the rail use. When we do that we would introduce electrical cranes. We want to reduce the footprint of the terminal, through new ideas and layouts. The number of how much the pollutant increase would be is online- (they will send it to us)

o   Trevor:  Looking at the reports, and seeing the limitations and challenges, I offer these comments in a hopeful way that you can be in our community. You must be aware that our neighbourhood is part of the Burrard Inlet area study, having unique characteristics, that are problematic to health of residents. Air emissions will approx. double. It some places it may be 60%. In MetroVancouver’s comment’s the study is so full of omissions and errors, that it offered 6 pages of comments. Would the port be able to do a supplementary study to give a robust look at the air quality and impacts?    

o   Liisa: We are confident our air quality assessments are enough. Perhaps not as detailed, but we are looking now to be able to provide those details. When doing the assessment, you find scope first, then do assessment. MetroVan said expand scope first. We are getting back to them about missing details of report and doing an update. We don’t believe it will change the results, or indicate that change in air quality enough to monitor it. 

o   Trevor: Further dialogue would be useful around that. But 6 pages of concerns is a concern. It may require additional analysis. 

o   Liisa: we really believe that the substance is there, and that we can improve it. 

o   Trevor: the port worked with the City on a report- why not use it? Why wouldn’t monitoring be recommended? 

o   Liisa: The tech study wrt project doesn’t believe that monitoring needs to happen for this specific project, but the port will continue to monitor. But if you introduce measure to reduce emissions. 

o   How many more trains and trucks if port expands?

o   Lisa: Problem isn’t the trucks, but the creating of the infrastructure to receive them. 

o   Charis: What is being done now? That is continuing to be monitored?  And the scope? 

o   Liisa: It’s confusing because in the reports we provided the baseline that we did use was not clearly shown, but we will be improving that. There are poles throughout that do the monitoring that you can look at online. 

o   Trevor: they used data from downtown and Burnaby stations, not local stations

o   Liisa: Given that there are many places you should be monitoring, are there ways we can work with metro and Strath to letting you know what is happening? 

o   Trevor: this is a very big project, 75% increase. Yes, if the port, city and community groups can work together that would be great. 

o   Liisa: sorry if it sounded silly, but it would benefit everyone if I would go back to the reports and explain the rationale used in making the reports. I would recommend bringing in an expert to talk to, I am a manager, not that expert. 

o   Data collection doesn’t go far enough. We need data collections that are different distances from the park to study. 

o   Liisa: We need to look back and be able to explain these better, and bring in an expert. 

o   Port: We would love to see your comments. We are still processing and looking at feedback and thinking of our responses to those concerns. 

o   Judy: Port, pipeline, cruise ships… is there any overall study being done about this expansion and the impact? 

o   Port: The port authority looks at marine navigation. Kinder Morgan has been asking for permission to bring in ships. At the moment, there is not a concern about the number of ships that will be coming- it will be only 1 or 2 more vessels a week. There will just be more containers of the same ships. 

o   Judy: Who is responsible for what in that: 

o   Port: Transport Canada would be in charge and others

o   Judy: a neat idea idea: we are worried at the loss of CRAB park. Could parking lot, which is owned by port, be turned into park? 

o   Liisa: Are you familiar with community investment?

o   Dan: yes

o   Trevor: the study did not deal with traffic increase. Maybe advising or adding info on that. But at that time the one line was dormant. How much container traffic will be going up the line? Will that be made available? 

o   Liisa: It should be. We will be releasing a considerations report, so you might see it there. 

o   Trev: is there a process for comments that have been submitted by public agencies and a way that we can learn what those comments are? 

o   Port: you can ask Tim’s group for that.

o   Trev: there are two groups: the port people that are proposing the development, and Tim’s group which is regulating it. 

o   Port: those responses might be there by May/June. 

o   Trevor: Where is the traffic management plan for Heatly, Clark. 

o   Liisa: construction will be 3-6 months, so we need that alternate route during that time. Then we can start getting rid of Heatly. 

o   I’m also interested in noise pollution/ we can hear trains idling for hours in the night/hooting the horns. Anymore would be inhumane./ Why are they able to go in the night? That is not tolerable. As bad as air pollution

o   Liisa: we did do noise studies as well. We can better present that to you. Complaints regarding the rail transportation come in all the time. 

o   Port: we have no control over what the Railroad does, they are regulated separately. We investigate abnormal noise. But for general operations, it is hard to do anything. What they run is up to the rail lines, at the cost to  the community. 

o   Dan: a lot of the train traffic is governed by CN, and has been refusing to talk to us. If you have contacts we would love to get them. If someone in SRA wants to pester CN, they can take that on. 

o   Charis: Shore Power: You talked about impacts that you have no control over. 

o   Port: Port runs incentive program for ‘green’ ships. Cruise ships are doing things. There are ways we can influence and incent people to do it. Trucks are a big deal- no idling. All licenced trucks must be licenced thru port and be made after a certain year. We have control over trucks and ships that enter our yard. Shore power is dependent on the ship, if they have the plug. It’s a small number of percentage that can do this. 

o   Liisa: not all ships can plug in, but ships are modernizing and new ships are having this option. We are hoping as part of Centerm project that we can grow this and incentivize it. Berth 5 is under construction. 

o   Trevor: if the ship isn’t set up to be shore powered, there is alternatives? The idling is the problem, because of sulphur dioxide. 

o   Dan: move to draft a letter of issues, and send it out for feedback. We are asking for funds to make up for losing crab park- miney for community centres, or crab park expansion. 

Adanac Update:  

Jeff: Open houses about doing improvements

·         Late 2017/early 2018 to make bumps for pedestrians to cross at Jackson. 

·         Hawkes chekaines: cyclists are confused. It’s dangerous. City felt like they could put down lines, put up signs about entering a congested area, make an art project. Right now they are developing colorful signs, but they want help, designs from us. 

·         Campbell Union intersection: cars blast through.  It’s a long time until we put out the bump-outs, maybe we can put in temporary ones? 

·         They want to work with us and receive regular feedback. 

·         Dan: it’s intriguing that they want a local artist do help with signs, so if anyone knows of someone, let us/them know

·         100 Block union? Not early on in the plan. 

·         Mike: signs about a quiet zone, housing zone…

·         Jeff: work with a local artist.

·         Signs to stop them yelling. 700 block, they are talking all night. Signs to be quiet. 

·         Jess: if money is being offered for an artist, I can pass on info


Community policing centre: Judy: 

                We set up a board. Jennifer, myself. 

                We developed bylaws. Made Name: Strathcona Community Policing centre. 

We used their new draft bylaws.   There is tentative property on 800 Hastings block, the seed store. Owners are keen. Past person from another policing station is keen to help. 

First AGM will come up in the year. 12 directors to be elected for 3 year terms. People can go if they have a safety concern. We need volunteers, people to identify issues, people who look at safety. 

In 2 or 3 months. 


·         We have $9000 in bank from filming. Should we keep it in the bank, or use it? Ideas? 

·         Miriam: I talked with Lorraine Holobowich and Sam, who work here with Backpack, ASA, Strathcona CC. Backpack does not have a reliable source of funding. Right now, they are in the most need of funds. I spoke With Shannon Williams who is on the board, and she talked of the Participation Fund that is used by people to be able to get funds to do activities. In our donation letter, we specifically say we are collecting the money for food related things. 

·         Ricki- that is true. Things have been sparse at the Market. There has been no yogurt for the last two weeks. But also, another the people that access the market are not in this room. There is a lack of diversity. So maybe we can use the money to make this meeting more accessible to families. Say, for single parent families, we could offer childcare. Also, we need more Chinese speakers here, as 50% of households in Strathcona have Chinese as their mother tongue. 

We have attempted translation, potlucks to make people welcome.

Dan: we see what you are saying, Maybe a young Chinese person on the board? Charis has also brought this up?

Dick: BBQ in the park??? 

Ricki: I did apply for a small grant with that, Charis encouraged me to do that. For two barbeques. 

Dan: $2000 to Participation Fund, and $2000 to Backpack.  Yes. 

Maybe we need to look into if Backpack gets the money they are supposed to be getting from filming- half. 

Charis: Next meeting will be about the diversity of Strathcona.

Dan: to end with a note of Congratualtions to SCC board who have been fighting to get park board to acknowledge Strathcona’s unique position and give money for programs, and they did it!