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Meeting and potluck this Wednesday, April 6

Monday, April 4, 2016

Strathcona Residents’ Association Council Meeting 

Agenda for April 6, 2016.

Potluck, 6:30, April 6. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

Strathcona Community Centre

7:15 Meeting called to order (Chair)

             Those in attendance reminded to sign in.

7:20 Announcements

·      New Committees: Film Committee (Caroline Newfield, Wilson Liang, and Susan Adams) and Social Committee (Ricky Chen). (Sholto Scruton)

·      CED Committee: Two SRA members on committee will report on City of Vancouver community strategy and economic development (Pete Fry and Wilson Liang)

·      Prior Street Committee: Public transit on Prior Street will be discussed, including options. (Michael Mandl)

·      Motion to move funding from Strathcona Community Centre to an SRA account at Vancity. (Bridget MacKenzie) 

In order to vote at SRA committee meetings, residents must attend a minimum of three (3) meetings. 

8:30 Meeting adjourned



Sholto Scruton


Chaired by:Michael Mandl
1.Thanks to Ricki for hosting such a good Potluck. a number of others also brought food, so thanks to them. The Potluck will continue at 6:30 before our meetings.
SRA council will apply for a Neighbourhood Small grant for the potlucks.
2. Report on The RE-Vitalization for Hastings Street Committee.- Covers from Heatley to Clark and North? and South sides of Hastings - Hastings East. The member groups were mentioned. 
The urban design guidelines which are part of the DTES plan have not been implemented by the City - see 420 Hawks - the proposed Atira development.
The first meeting of the Committee with the City focused on Retail and it was a presentation not a discussion. it should involve local service business and the SRA was asked what types of businesses, shops, do we want. Elana will put together an on-line survey.
" Local serving business should take into account the diversity of our community and be relevant."
The City said they would note our ideas and will try to speed up applications which fall within our wishes.
See Survey for list of possible business.
3. Presentation on the Ray Cam proposed redevelopment. Introduction by the Executive director, Kate  who turned the presentation over to Sean and Blair.
They had a very interesting drawing of what the new centre could look like. The redevelopment would be done in stages; keeping the existing centre open while new buildings are built. It might include a 10 story building which would incorporate family social housing, seniors housing, child care, maybe non- profit hub, trades training, a commercial kitchen and many other possibilities. Ray Cam is partners with both the City and the Parks board.
There were questions about the size of living spaces given the City's move to very small and minimal. Also questions about green space and whether funding was in place.The City is interested but has not committed itself to funding yet.
Note: Ray Cam is one of the Emergency centres in the neighbourhood.
There was lots of positive feedback and comments
4. Wilson Laing gave an up date on the new St Paul's hospital and encouraged people to go to the upcoming workshops. He focused on the huge impact on our community especially with regard to increased traffic caused by ER and patients; False creek flats expansion; the Port expansion and more housing near Main St once the viaducts come down.
There will be 2 entrances to the new hospital - one on the east and one on the west.
There is a concern about flooding and earthquakes given the site is landfill and at sea level.
5. Wilson gave a brief description of Metro Vancouver Alliance (MVA) and it was agreed to invite Pat MacSherry to our April SRA meeting to give us more information. Then we can decide if we want to join and why we might want to join.
6. Neighbourhood Small Grants - deadline to apply is March 4th.
7. Eagles are back in Strathcona park and are building a new nest.
8. Concerns raised re the accuracy of the information of the concerning washer & dryers and some green space at 420 Hawkes.
Question regarding what had the SRA done to meet with Atrira - we're we just against social housing.
The SRA has met with Atira and the SRA supports social housing but the units must big enough to be liveable and a vulnerable population of women need proper support. 
Meeting ended at 8:30