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Safety Alert

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The following safety alert comes from a neighbour.
It is likely an isolated incident, but serves as a good reminder to be vigilant about personal safety when walking alone at night, and for neighbours to keep an eye and ear out for each other!


Last night at midnight, I dropped off a Modo car off near Strathcona School and headed home via Keefer.

As I hit the corner of Keefer and Heatley, I spotted a tall, thin guy wearing a bandana over his nose and mouth coming the opposite way on the opposite side of the street. I was immediately unnerved and as I looked back at him after he passed, he stopped and then started sprinting towards me. I spotted a cab arriving with a passenger at the end of street and approached them for assistance. The guy ran into Maclean Park. I hoofed it home and called the police, who took it seriously and combed the neighbourhood.

Sometimes I get complacent about quick walks home later in the evening. It was a scary reminder to be careful. I've cc'd a number of women I know who also walk to work and to meetings in and through the hood.

Thanks and forward as you see fit.