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Solidarity Walk tonight in response to yesterday's violent assault, and VPD update

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tonight at 7pm, Strathconans and friends will be meeting outside the Community Centre to walk and show love, solidarity, and support for the survivor of yesterday's brutal assault in our neighbourhood.
There has been a lot of online speculation and gossiping about alleged details of this awful incident — the VPD have advised this isn't helpful to the survivor or the ongoing investigation by police. Tonight is about the community showing solidarity and support for the survivor, and condemning violence against women.
The Vancouver Police Department have booked the auditorium at Strathcona Elementary Tuesday, March 31 from 7-9 pm to come and speak to the neighbourhood about the attack. The VPD have asked that we circulate this invitation to the community, and all are welcome to attend.
Neighbour and professional counsellor Shelley Sullivan has started an online fundraiser, she writes:
Yesterday my neighbour was brutally assaulted by a stranger who broke into her home. She was very brave and smart and strong. She fought back. She made noise. And help came in the form of some amazing heroic neighbours who showed a lot of courage, who stepped up, stopped this horrible crime, and probably saved this young woman's life. This woman is a survivor, and will need as much support from the community as we can give her. Recovery can be a long road, and donations will go directly to support her and fund her recovery. This could be your sister, your daughter, your partner, your friend. As a city, as a community, please donate anything you can. Let's show our support for this brave young woman. Let her know that neighbours care, our community cares, and our city cares. Neighbourhood heroes, thank you.
Donate here: