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SRA August Newsletter: The Wrath of Strath

Monday, August 12, 2019


City Council is scheduled to vote on October 2 on a location for the Flats Arterial that will run through our community, connecting Clark to Main.

Despite the Community Panel’s overwhelming choice of National-Charles (67%), it might surprise you to hear that two options are being considered: National-Charles (NatCha) and underpass on Prior. Yes, Prior. The same Prior that City Council has twice voted to restore to the calm, neighbourhood street it was designed to be. If you need a refresher on the many reasons why we think an arterial on Prior is a bad idea, click here.

We’re disappointed/frustrated/angry that - after all the time, energy and expense that went into the Panel - the final decision is shaping up to be one selected by the port and railroad in Sept. 2017 (see VFPA’s application for funding - page 3 in particular). The fear we had that the Panel was simply a smoke screen for a foregone backroom conclusion still not so paranoid anymore.

Bottom line: this is a Federal Transportation Corridor project that will result in major profits for a few corporations and will cause major negative impacts on life in Strathcona. This is City Council's one-and-only chance to access Federal funds to make sure it is designed to mitigate those impacts. There is no going back. Once it’s done, we'll have to live with the unintended consequences and unconsidered costs.

In the last 60’s, the residents of Strathcona were able to stop a freeway from destroying our community. We are at a similar crossroads now. If you care about the future of Strathcona, we urge you to get involved. We need people to speak before city council, to write letters, to put up signs, and possibly help organize a rally. We need to show th city the vitality and diversity and wrath of Strath.

On Wednesday, September 4 at 7pm, the SRA will be launching a Put Community First, Calm Prior Campaign at our SRA meeting–and we hope to see you there. If you can’t come, but want to help, send us an e-mail.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and neighbours to invite them to stay informed by joining the SRA. It’s free. Click here.

A few additional resources:

The Community Panel’s final report

City Staff reaction to the report and next steps



A working group of residents, led by Mira, has been working with the Parks Board to add or relocate a few new benches in MacLean Park. Still under discussion is the bench at the bottom of the sloping hill (west end of the circular park). It has also been suggested that they remove/relocate the plants there and just make it a grassy hill. The group has also asked to have the box wrapped in a bright color to liven it up, to discourage it from becoming a place to hide and/or engage in behaviour that should not take place in public. Here's a look at the latest plan.  Thoughts? Contact Mira.

Thanks all.

See you in September.