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Monday, February 3, 2020

The next SRA residents' meeting will be held on this Wednesday, Feb. 5, from 7-9 PM at the Strathcona Community Centre. All are welcome. No big agenda. Just a discussion of some of the evolving issues below…


On Jan 27, the City took the first steps towards calming Prior by allowing unrestricted 24/7 street parking on both sides of the street and reducing speed to 30kph alongside Strathcona Park. The goal is (1) to restrict and hopefully lessen commuter traffic, (2) to make walking safer by creating a barrier between sidewalks and moving vehicles and (3) to provide all-day parking for residents. But for this to work, people need to park there. So if you live on or near Prior, please take advantage of this opportunity, especially during rush hour.

More changes are in the works and will gradually be introduced in the coming months. These include:

  • All-day parking on Venables between Vernon and Glen streets
  • Sidewalk "bump outs" at Heatley and Dunlevy, and also possibly at Hawks and Campbell
  • Traffic bollards to mark parking lane limits
  • Painted road markings for the 30kpm speed restriction zone
  • Measures to limit rat-running traffic through Campbell and Glen caused by train activity
  • Improved street lighting
  • Upgrading of three bus stop shelters and installing benches at six other bus stops where space is limited
  • Continued monitoring of traffic volume and speed data
  • Possibly closing Hawks at Prior so trucks will use Raymur or Malkin.

We’re curious to know how all this is impacting you. Please either come to the meeting or send us an e-mail.


The Air Quality Working Group had its first meeting on Jan. 30. One of the action items was to create a Grassroots Environmental Report that simply and clearly describes the growing problem of local air pollution and suggests possible solutions. Like our A Better Way report, this is intended to be a tool to articulate our concerns, broaden awareness, develop local expertise and advocate solutions. We’re still looking for volunteers to do some research, particularly on how trains, trucks and container ships contribute to air quality. If you’d like to help, please send us an e-mail.

Meanwhile, our grant application to the Centerm Community Fund to create a local air quality monitoring plan is still under consideration. Metro Vancouver, the government organization that monitors air quality, wants to hold a workshop with local residents in March.

Stay tuned.


Can (or should) the SRA be doing more to help build community? This is an idea we floated last month and that we will discuss at Wednesday’s meeting. Some ideas:

  • Create a website resource page and Facebook group for new arrivals and new families.
  • Help develop more activities for seniors at the community centre.
  • Organize a summer neighbourhood wide party in MacLean Park (maybe an expansion of the Union St. Party)
  • Find ways to better include non-English speakers and residents living in social housing.
  • Develop more neighbourhood clubs around shared interest: history/heritage, food, mah-jong, bridge, etc.

If you can't come but have ideas, send an e-mail.


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