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Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year to everyone in our wonderful community.

Our first monthly meeting of the new decade will be on Wednesday, Jan. 8, from 7-9 PM at the Strathcona Community Centre.  All are welcome. If you've avoided coming because you hate meetings, we promise to keep things lively.

Some updates:

Calming Prior Phase 1

City Staff got back to our Prior Street Working Group with plans to begin calming Prior. Starting this month, they want to initiate all-day parking on both sides of the street and a 30 kph parking zone near the park. In February, they want to install temporary curb bulges at Heatley and Dunleavy, where there are currently no crossing lights, and improve street lighting and bus shelters. The goal is to slow traffic, make walking along and crossing Prior safer and begin the process of changing habits and downgrading it to a collector street. Much more is in the works. City staff will be at our Jan. 8 meeting to answer questions.

Air Quality

The SRA has applied to the Centerm Community Fund for a grant to fund a community-based air quality monitoring project (thanks much to Trefor Smith for writing the grant). This is already happening in other cities and would be a high profile way for (1) VFPA to demonstrate its commitment to community engagement and becoming “the most sustainable port in North America” and (2) improve transparency and awareness over the growing dangers of urban air pollution. We hope to hear by end of January.

Home Burglaries

We are still hearing about home break-ins and suspicious people casing the neighbourhood. Please report any incidents to the VPD non-emergency number (604) 717-3321 and e-mail Strathcona Community Policing Centre. Please do what you can to make it difficult for burglars to break into your house and car. And look out for your neighbours.

Families and Seniors

The SRA is committed in 2020 to finding ways to improve community connections for young families and seniors - and potentially other groups – initially by improving our website to include resources and discussions. Topic of conversation at the upcoming meeting.

Social Media

New board member Katie Lewis has taken on the task of enlivening our social media sites and improving our presence in the news media. If you are on any of the below social platforms, help a gal out and please follow the SRA.




Please forward the e-mail to neighbours who might not be aware of the SRA. If you live, rent or work in Strathcona, we invite you to join us . It's free and a great way to stay in the know.