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SRA June 2019 Newsletter

Monday, May 27, 2019

The SRA’s last meeting before summer break will be on Wednesday, June 5, 7-9 PM at the Strathcona Community Centre. It should be a lively one. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

7:00-8:30 Beyond the Arterial

We’ll be joined by staff from City Planning and Engineering for a discussion of transportation plans for our neighbourhood that are linked to the new arterial, specifically:

  • Twinning the tracks along the BI Line: What’s the timeline? How will the tracks be used?
  • At-grade crossing closures at Raymur, Union, Venables, Glen and Parker. What will they look like? When is this happening?
  • Bike and pedestrian access. Where will this happen?
  • The future of the Adanac Bike Corridor
  • What a calmed Prior might look like for parking, trsaffic lights and bikes.
  • Current cut-through traffic caused by train blockages. Safety concerns. What can be done now?

Some background: In April, the Community Panel submitted its recommendation of the National-Charles (NatCha) option to City Council. Engineering and Planning staff will spend the summer doing cost, traffic, construction and other analysis of NatCha and will submit its recommendation to City Council in the fall.

As Council’s decision will impact all the above questions, City staff can’t give us definitive answers at this time. But it’s our feeling that Council’s decision needs to incorporate a broader perspective than the Community Panel’s limited focus on just the arterial. All these pieces are connected and their impact needs to be considered as a whole.

In that spirit, the meeting will be an opportunity to learn and also to express your views on how all the changes will impact you and Strathcona. Joining us will be:

  • Tom Wanklin, Senior Planner, Downtown East and False Creek Flats
  • Lon LeClaire, Director of Transportation
  • Carol Kong, Senior Transportation Planning Engineer

8:30- 9:00 Bring Back the Benches

Vancouver City Parks Board would like our help to decide where best to replace 5 benches that were removed from the MacLean/Linear park area two years ago. Please come to give your input. (Note: we're asking for benches like the ones in the Linear park on Union and Hawks, so please take a look and see if you agree).

If you have an opinion, but can’t make it to the meeting, please click to send Mira an e-mail.


It's the event of the summer and this year will be on Saturday, July 6, from 5-10 PM.  For more info click here.