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SRA March 2020 Newsletter

Thursday, March 26, 2020

As we're all doing our best to keep a safe distance away from each other, the SRA is doing what we can to keep us connected.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out people stuck alone at home. So far, not many takers. If you know of anyone who might need help, e-mail us.

Below are a few online local connections worth checking out:

There is an active Strathcona Neighbourhood Facebook page where people are posting news and messages.

Union Food Market is posting daily updates on Instagram. Follow them at  unionfoodmarket

I signed up for an app called NextDoor that is limited to just people in one neighbourhood. Kind of a cross between a local blog and Craigslist. Not many have signed up so far in our hood, but it has potential for local resource sharing. Check it out.

Sadly, the DTES is struggling not only with COVID but with the impact of a scarcity of illegal drugs due to the border shutdowns.  Here’s an article from CityNews. Be extra diligent about preventing home break-ins. Don't leave anything in your car. Empty your glove compartment and leave it open so people can see it's empty.