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SRA Meeting June 7th, 30m-wide roadway through Strathcona Park

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dear Neighbours, 

City Council Staff heard on May 17th the draft of the False Creek Flats area plan, including the proposal for an arterial to be built alongside Malkin Street, National Street or Williams Street. Based on the vote we took during our SRA meeting in April, the SRA sent in a letter to Council opposing the proposal of Williams Street serving as this main arterial. Despite the letter sent and community representatives speaking at the hearing, Council are considering a 30m-wide roadway through Strathcona Park to connect with Williams Street. The Park Board has not conducted an assessment of the implications of this for our community or sought our input on mitigation strategies.


We have therefore invited the City of Vancouver to hear our thoughts on these imminent changes to our neighbourhood and would like to discuss the next steps we can take as a community. 

Furthermore, we would like to address the increase in vandalism in our neighbourhood and share updates on round 2 of the public consultation conducted by the Centerm Port Expansion project. Finally, we have identified the lack of diversity in the SRA as a shortcoming and would like to discuss avenues to bridge gaps and open opportunities for all community members to participate. 


Best wishes, 

The Strathcona Residents Association
Dan Jackson, Wilson Liang, Jeff Murton, Charis Walko
MEETING AGENDA - June 7th, 2017
Committee Updates 
Updates from City Council hearing on False Creek Flats draft
> Favouring of 30m-wide roadway built through Strathcona Park
Vandalism in the Neighbourhood
Proposed Centerm Port Expansion
> Application Review Phase - Round 2: Public consultation was scheduled for May 15th - June 2nd. 
Diversity of Strathcona