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Friday, February 26, 2016

Please join us for a fun pot-luck get together at 6:30 pm at the Strathcona Community centre which will be followed by our regular monthly meeting at 7:15. Bring something to share and children are welcome at the potluck. A good way to meet your neighbours.

Lots has been happening in our neighbourhood and around us which will certainly affect Strathcona and we have some updates. Please come and hear about what is happening and share your ideas and responses.



1. Elana: Along with our peer organizations in the neighbourhood, the SRA has helped to produce the following petition protesting the problematic Atira development proposal at 420 Hawks. It is titled “ Social Housing Should Not Mean Substandard Housing in Vancouver". Please read, sign and forward to all your contacts if you support this petition:

2. Elana: Report about the first meeting with the City on Urban Design Guidelines for Hastings.

3. Guy Or Judy: Updates on: Stamps Place and the proposed Strathcona Brewery

4. Ray-Cam future vision: Paul and Blair

5. Wilson : update on St Paul's hospital planning.

6. For information on Vancouver Port expansion see

7. Wilson : Introduction to MVA- Who they are, what they do and why the SRA may want to join. MVA Speaker will come for our April meeting.

Minutes from SRA meeting Feb 3, 2016

Strathcona Residents’ Association (SRA) Council Meeting

Agenda for February 3, 2016.

Executive Council :Treasurer—Roberta Robertson: Secretary—Sholto Scruton: Chair—Guy Wakeman; Vice Chair—Bridget MacKenzie; John Zawada; Alan Williams: Wilson Liang: Michael Mandl

7:15 - Give thanks for the land (Alan)
7:20 - Meeting called to order (Michael)
7:25 - Announcements:
Feb 4th - Open house: False Creek Flats—review and give feedback on this project that neighbours our community. February 4th 4:30-7:00 at the National Works Yard, 701 National Ave. (Michael)

Feb 14th - Chinese New Year is February 8th this year and the Chinatown parade will take place February 14th. (Wilson)

Feb 25th - Truth and Reconciliation Event is taking place at Hasting Community Centre February 25th, 2:30-6:30. Games, market, performances and family fun. (Alan)

7:30 - After the Viaducts:As a member of the SRA Prior street committee, Dick Hellofs summarized the progress regarding the City’s plans to remove the viaducts; Focusing on Prior street traffic safety and volume. He explained that engineers and experts were contracted to compile a report and recommendations to improve safety on Prior street. The recommendations, with which the city agreed, focused on speed reduction.Dick further commented that the SRA Prior street committee believes actions need to be implemented immediately as there have been 4 serious motor vehicle accidents on Prior Street in the last 2 months: Actions including reducing the maximum speed on prior street from 60km/per hour and posting radar boards that display the speed of approaching vehicles.Dick’s presentation was followed by a brief discussion that focused on the pedestrian crossing signals at Hawks and Prior, as well as at Prior and Campbell streets. These signals seem to be taking longer to change once the bottom has been pressed and increasing pedestrian wait times to cross Prior. Dick Hellof agreed to mention the issue to a representative of City of Vancouver before the next meeting.

8:00 - Projects impacting our Community:The meeting’s chair, Micheal Mandl, informed those in attendance about the various projects planned in the areas in and around Strathcona including: the False Creek Flats, the Vancouver Port Terminal expansion project, the new Saint Paul’s hospital and planned public park East of Main street. Below is a brief summary of what he shared.

The False Creek Flats is 450 acre area plan that will focus on culture, arts and entertainment rather than residential development. The area abuts strathcona along it’s South-side. The development is in the early stages and collecting public feed back to steer its direction.

The new St. Paul’s hospital will occupy 4.5 acres of the West-end of False Creek Flats and require an alternate access route to Prior street. The development will be state of the art and is expected to be better positioned to help those in the downtown eastside and will be closest hospital for Strathcona residents.The new park occupying the paved area along the water’s edge west of science world extending to Yale town will cover the area where the viaducts are currently. The green space will give local residents close access to what is reported to be one of the largest parks in the city.

The terminal expansion project will increase the Vancouver port capacity by 75%. Michael explained that this will result in increased rail and vehicle traffic transporting goods to and from the terminal.The discussion that followed focused on the increased traffic resulting from the port expansion. Including the transportation of dangerous good so close to our community and the harm that an accident would cause. As well as the harms caused by exhaust fumes from combustion engine vehicles. Dick

420 Hawks Proposal follow up
A presentation and brief discussion followed concerning the development of a 7 storey container housing primarily for women and children. The SRA takes issue with the development as it does not conform to many of the guidelines described in the LAPP (Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan) As this is the first development since the City of Vancouver and local residents created the plan, the SRA is concerned that it sets a precedence that enables developer to ignore the LAPP. A letter dated January 25, 2016 has been written and will be sent to the City of Vancouver Planning Department outlining these and other concerns regarding the development at 42 Hawks street.

Ricky proposed the creation of a SRA Hospitality committee, which was approved by council. She volunteered to run the committee and will start by hosting a potluck immediately before next mouth meeting from 6-7pm. A small sum has been requested to fund potluck, which will be brought to the attention of the treasurer.

A volunteer is needed to fill the position as Film liaison, as the position is vacant and collects funds from the film industry when filming is done within our neighborhood.

Judy announced that the management of Stamps Place residences will now be done by a private business: Chelsea housing. Representatives of the residents of Stamps place believe Cheasea housing to be the best choice of those competing for its management.

The plans for the re-development of the Ray-Cam Co-operative centre will be presented at a future meeting.