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SRA Update: Park Road, Trains and Bikes

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Residents of Strathcona:

A group of graduate students from SFU is helping the SRA build a case against putting a road through Strathcona Park. They asked us to circulate an online survey. Please click the link below to take the survey. Thanks.
Also, we recently received a letter from the city about the increase in train traffic through the neighbourhood. We posted it on our website. If this is an issue for you, please check it out and send them your input…

For those concerned about the Union bikeway, here’s a link to the plan they showed us at the meeting.
You can send comments to:

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Minutes from November 1 SRA Meeting
SRA November 1, 2017. Draft minutes




Agenda approved, Minutes from October approved


Announcements:  Pub Night Friday Nov. 3rd $20.


SRA now member of Metro Vancouver Alliance:  Annual delegate convention Nov 29, 6:30.  SRA would like to send a few delegates.  Good way to see social activism @ city-wide level.  Asking for volunteers


Additional train traffic – a letter to the City for SRA use is on the website – the City would like to get feedback from us


Melanie – representing SFU Grad Students:  

16 students are helping to put together a case for why the road shouldn’t go through the Park. They are looking at social economic ecological and social capital - all aspects including mental health. SRA members encouraged to do the survey which is on the website.  


Jason, a resident asked about Earthquake preparedness and shared his concerns. He suggests a group get together to discuss a plan for the neighbourhood with the end goal of creating a community response.

Jason will draft something to put on the website to get people thinking about it.


Ross Kenny – City of Vancouver Streets and Engineering -  presentation.  


The City is proposing a series of bump outs on the bike lanes and are encouraging residents to sponsor a mini garden in each bumpout.


Concerns were heard and the City is hoping to finalize the design soon.

For info:  or


The bump outs, etc. – will hopefully be finalized by spring 2018.


Community Policing office will hopefully be open end of November, have just secured a lease – 872 Hastings. Actively recruiting volunteers.  



Centerm Expansion Project – Port of Vancouver. 750,000 of containers to 1.3 million containers – a 73% increase in containers. Lots more trucks and more rail activity will be coming.   Largely diesel emissions – black carbon – are estimated to double.  Health & safety concerns.  It’s a 500 million dollar project and yet no environmental review has been ordered.  We need a champion on Council 

Meeting with Melanie Mark in next few weeks.  Working on getting media coverage.  


Discussion re road thru park – city is aware that many residents do not want a road through the park and have not communicated any plans.


Janne-Marie proposes that we be more proactive – and asked for help.  The survey people will send an email and ask for people to help.

Laurel will put on social media.


Adjourned 8:52