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TOMORROW: Patrick Condon, Ray Spaxman Discussing Heights & Built Form re: DTES Local Area Plan

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Please Note: the 7:00pm start time for tomorrow's meeting is a little earlier than the usual 7:15, there has been a lot of response to this event so seating may be limited for late arrivals..

Changes to height and scale are coming to Strathcona and the Downtown Eastside.

Up to 12 to 15 stories along Hastings, major rezonings in Kiwassa, over $1billion dollars and a 150% population increase over 30 years.
- How might these affect affordability and livability?
- Are there other options to consider?

Join us for a presentation by Patrick Condon, UBC James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments and Chair UBC Urban Design Program.
Professor Condon has written extensively on Vancouver urban issues (see his series in the Tyee) significantly on how to densify Vancouver with a mind to livability, affordability and transit. In particular Condon's ideas about low and mid rise densification using wood frame construction are starting to gain traction - Toronto has recently embarked on a similar direction as a solution for their growing affordable housing crisis, outlined here.

We'll follow Patrick's presentation with a discussion of the proposals being put forward in the DTES LAPP and a Q+A.

Joining us will be Ray Spaxman. Ray is a Planning Consultant and was Director of Planning for City of Vancouver 1973-1989, serves as one of the co-chairs of the DTES LAPP, and brings a considerable amount of insight into the Local Area Plan and what is being proposed.

This discussion has wide ranging impacts on the future of not just Strathcona but the entire DTES, all are welcome. Download a poster for the event here.