October 2022 Newsletter

November Meeting & AGMThe next SRA meeting will be Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 7-9 PM. This will also be our 2022 AGM.

We’d like to get your opinion about whether you prefer to meet in-person or virtually for SRA meetings (or, alternating online and in-person). 

Let us know by answering this poll

We will send out an agenda and e-ballot to members beforehand. Membership is free to all residents of Strathcona. If you’re not a member, you can join using this link.

Interested in getting more involved in your community and having an impact? If you have an interest in being on the 2022-2023 board of directors, please e-mail us. It isn’t a huge time commitment, and it is a great way to meet more neighbours. 
The SRA will be hosting an Air Quality Forum on Sunday, Oct. 23 from 1-4 p.m. at the nə́c̓aʔmat ct (Strathcona) library. The Forum will feature speakers from Metro Vancouver, UBC, and the Port to discuss the health effects of air pollution, local pollutants, pollution levels, the community air quality monitoring study that we’ve started recently, plus future challenges and opportunities for reducing the air pollution that impacts everyone in our neighbourhood.

This is a FREE event that is open to all. Light refreshments will be provided.
Neighbourhood Safety  We’ve been hearing an increasing number of stories about theft and property damage in the area. As the VPD allocates its resources based on crime data, it’s important that these incidents get reported. If you’re a victim, please file an online report with the VPD at https://vpd.ca/report-a-crime/It also helps to let the Strathcona Community Policing Centre know. You can contact them at 604-717-0622 or info@strathconacpc.ca
The Rolling Truck Age ProjectIn August, the VFPA reached out to the SRA asking for a letter of support for their Rolling Truck Age Program, which in brief prohibits diesel trucks older than a certain age from entering the Port. The goal is to get older, more polluting trucks off the road. Here’s a link with more details.After discussing at our September 2022 SRA meeting, we drafted and sent this letter of suport.
St. Paul’s Hospital Update
In case you’re curious how the new hospital is progressing, they just released this construction update video.


From the Park Board Sports Services: “To address the increasing demand for pickleball space in our city, we are temporarily converting certain tennis courts into pickleball courts as a part of the “Pop-Up Pickleball” project. This project designed to be temporary (using chalk and painters tape to mark court lines), and is not indicative of any locations for future permanent pickleball courts.
There are currently three of these temp courts in the southeast corner of the existing park tennis courts. They will be there until at least October 27, 2022.  In theory, balls and racquets will also be available, courtesy of the Vancouver Pickleball Association.

If anyone is interested in organizing a game, you can email or text me.

The Strathcona Residents Association is a volunteer-run, non-profit BC Society that was founded in 1992. Our mission is to promote the health, safety and well-being of residents living in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. Membership is free and open to all residents living or working within our boundaries.

Please let newer residents know we exist by forwarding them this e-mail.