Pilot results and next steps

The Prior Street working group met with city staff on Feb. 10 to get an update on the pilot project to reduce traffic volume and speeds. The city recently collected data to compare to data collected 2019 and 2020, which roughly shows a roughly 20% decrease in volume and a 20-40% decrease in driving over the speed limit, depending on time of day. The city is planning a few minor tweaks (a ramp at Campbell, extending the 30kph so it includes the community garden). Bigger ticket items on our wish list, which are outside the budget for the pilot, include

  • Additional ART trailer (or concrete barriers) placed on southside of Prior east of Campbell 
  • Robust measures to calm Campbell traffic speeds –
  • Improved more visible speed reader boards at Gore, Raymur and added to Heatley Amber flashing pedestrian crossing solar powered lights at Vernon on Venables , and at Princess on Prior.
  • Pedestrian kerb adjustments at Campbell/Prior intersection City staff is preparing a follow-up memo to council.

We’re hoping it includes recommendations to fund these additional improvements within the next few years. In March, the city will be launching a Strathcona Traffic Calming project to assess problems and solutions on all our residential streets. They will be asking for resident’s input soon. Stay tuned.