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Prowler dressed as utility worker

Two similar incidents this weekend in which a prowler, wearing a hard hat and safety vest, riding a bicycle has been spotted at Stamp's Place, and by Maclean Park.

[Ray-Cam / Stamp's Place This Weekend] at 11:30 pm.
I turned my lights out on my main floor to watch a movie with my boy. About
ten minutes later someone shone a light into the window. The guy was dressed
as a construction worker which someone would easily assume was hydro or
housing. He was wearing a white hard hat and high vis vest. I pounded on my
window and continued to scream at him making enough of a racket that he took
off on his bike. He had a white metal rod to break the window. Or rather as
someone else said, to use in case the tenant came home. I should have had my
son phone 911 while confronting him. During the invasion I first panicked in
case he was coming in, then became angry. There was nothing on my deck, so
he wasn't looking for bottles not did he fit the urban binner profile. He
fled on his bike. Last I heard VPD had no luck in finding him and hopefully
he did not break into anyone else's place. Last night he said several things
that made me aware he has been watching our places for awhile, eg the
previous tenant had furniture on the deck.

Be very careful. This guy intentionally dressed to look like a construction
worker. Watch out for people, no matter how they're dressed, who don't seem
to be acting professionally. Any proper worker should be able to give you ID
if asked and except for an emergency, would not be working that late at
night. If you have any doubts or concerns, call 911 and stay on the line
with the operator until the police arrive and/or you're sure you are safe.

[Update from a second incident, October 15, near MacLean Park] I called 911 this morning as a
guy fitting the description, right down to hard hat shone a flash lite in my
eyes. He was walking a bike with a trailer.