Prior St Update


We had a conversation on April 28 with city engineering about Prior St. improvements and hospital truck routes. The good news is that the long-promised bump-outs and turquoise crosswalks should finally be happening in the next month, just in time for the re-activation of Strathcona Park.

The bad news is that Prior St. is being recommended as an alternate truck route for the expected 500+ trucks a day coming and going from the hospital site. The primary route will be Terminal, with Great Northern Way as a second alternate. Malkin and National are not even options (though the City Council motion said they would be). After all the effort we’ve made to calm Prior and recover the park, this would be a big setback. This plan is not cast in concrete yet, but if you’d like to speak up before it is, please send an e-mail to the folks below expressing your concern. Now is the time your opinion can most influence the outcome.