Roadwork on Prior

Update (Apr. 7, 2021)

Updates from our CoV Engineering liaison person on Prior Street work progress:

  • Concrete in the parking lanes is being repaired as funding was secured following past utility work.
  • The BC Hydro trench was repaired for the same reason. The City recovers repair costs from the third parties concerned when they construct in City streets.
  • Patching: Concrete work was completed last week.

Updates on future work:

  • Asphalt work is scheduled to be completed by April 16.
  • Curb bulges: These will be placed by the asphalt crews. Scheduled by April 16.
  • Painting: To follow after the asphalt work is complete. Start dates to be confirmed for the internal paint crews (right-turn bay at Malkin, etc.) and for the external contractor who will complete the coloured crosswalks at Hawks Ave.
  • ART trailers: These will be replaced after the crosswalk paint is complete. This will allow traffic management during painting.
  • Speed reader boards: The permanent ones were fixed. Once the tent city is relocated, Engineering will reconsider placing temporary boards back on the street.
  • Hawks Ave: Engineering is waiting on information from the St. Paul’s construction team to allow them to make a decision on the future of Hawks.
  • Signage: Any signage updates will be completed with the paintwork.
  • Replacement of bus shelters remains outstanding.
  • Calming and control of cross traffic in Campbell and Glen is pending design work by Transportation.