September 2021 Newsletter

UPCOMING MEETING: The next SRA membership meeting will be Wednesday, September 8, 7-9 PM via Zoom. A link and agenda will be sent to members in advance. If you haven’t officially joined the SRA yet, please do so at this link. It’s free, but we ask that you provide your address, so we know you’re a Strathcona resident.

Calming Prior Street

We’re still awaiting feedback from the city to the SRA’s latest list of requests. Though progress has been made, we continue to hear concerns about speeding cars, truck traffic and rat-running on Campbell and Glen.

At our upcoming meeting, Paul Storer, CoV Director of Transportation, and Megan Pate, who is overseeing calming measures, will give an update on the Calm Prior Pilot Project: What’s been done? Has it worked?  Where do we go from here?

Strathcona Park

Strathcona Park Survey Results Remediation of the east side of the park “is on track”, but there is no date set yet for taking down the fences.

The SRA has completed a draft version of a reportbased on the survey we sent out in May about Strathcona Park. The report includes a list of ten recommendations based on the input we received from the survey.

Staff from the Park Planning Department will be at our upcoming meeting to give an update and field questions. Got Time to Distribute Flyers?We need some volunteers to distribute flyers/posters to encourage more to people to join the SRA. We’re trying to reach residents who either don’t know we exist, don’t know they need to sign up to be a voting member and get out mailings or think we don’t represent them. The more members have, the more representative we can be – and the stronger our collective voice. 

Here’s the poster. If you have time, let us know how many you can distribute and we’ll drop them off at your house. E-mail us at

Community-Led Air Quality Monitoring Project

The Air Quality (AQ) Steering Committee is close to agreeing on where to place monitors in and around Strathcona. Here’s a detailed ma

The next step will be for the Port to purchase the monitors. We’ll be holding a separate meeting soon for the AQ Working Group to talk about how Strathcona residents can get involved. We’re also planning to hold an AQ workshop (once we can get back to in-person meetings.)

To learn more, e-mail Your Block?Help keep Strathcona clean and safe. The Adopt-a-Block program is looking for volunteers to adopt blocks and alleys. Below is a map of blocks and alleys that have already been adopted. As you can see, many remain orphaned, especially west of Princess and east of the train tracks.Adopting a block (or alley) means picking up trash once or twice a month (or whatever frequency works for you) on both sides of the block. We can supply grabbers, gloves, and trash bags. For more info, contact