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Code of Conduct

For members of the Strathcona Residents’ Association *

Purpose: To provide Strathcona Residents’ Association (SRA) members and volunteers with Code of Conduct guidelines to ensure a high standard of integrity, community mindedness and respect is evident in all activities associated with the SRA.

The Code of Conduct also serves to inform members and volunteers in areas regarding confidentiality and areas where conflict of interest may arise.

Guidelines: Members and volunteers acknowledge and respect the responsibility of the Strathcona Residents' Association and its elected volunteers in all matters concerning the successful continued operation and presence of the Association.

Members and volunteers agree to support and uphold the guiding principles of the Community Plan for the Strathcona Neighbourhood.

Where representing the Strathcona Residents’ Association, members and volunteers will act and speak towards others with respect and dignity; deal with others judiciously and always be mindful of others’ human rights.

Members and volunteers will respect the right to confidentiality and shall not disclose information not made available to the public without proper authorization from the President or designate. Members and volunteers shall not benefit, or appear to benefit, from the use of information acquired as a result of volunteer duties with the Strathcona Residents’ Association unless such information is available to the public generally.

Members and volunteers will be willing to open and review of the quality and practices of both conduct and of service rendered in the performance of duties.

Procedure: Alleged breaches of these Code of Conduct guidelines by members or volunteers of the Strathcona Residents’ Association shall be brought to the attention of the Chair or designate who will investigate and report to the membership. Where an alleged breach of these Code of Conduct guidelines involves the Chair directly, the matter shall be referred to another elected volunteer.

Effective: These Code of Conduct guidelines are effective June 1999.

President: Nicole Liddell
Date: June 2, 1999

* These guidelines are applicable to both active SRA members and non-voting members. Guests who have been invited to attend SRA meetings are also expected to conduct themselves in accordance with these guidelines.