Street Calming Update

Traffic Calming MeasureLocationStatus
CrosswalkDunlevy Ave & E. Pender St·  Informed by community feedback, being upgraded to raised crossing with bulges
·  Design is underway, to be installed in late 2023
One way Southbound400 Campbell St·  Implementation scheduled for April 2023
30 km/h Speed ZoneNeighbourhood wide·  Implementation scheduled for April 2023
ChicaneCampbell Ave between E. Georgia St & Keefer St·  Under further review
·  Will monitor impact of one way southbound & 30 km/h speed zone
Pinch PointGlen Dr at E. Georgia St·  Under further review and awaiting 1134 E. Georgia to clear development staging
Additional measure: Speed Humps600 Glen Dr, adjacent to the school·  Informed by community feedback, upgraded speed hump implementation in spring 2023 ·   Monitor and inform Pinch Point design on Glen Dr
Hawks Closure900 Hawks·  Not part of Traffic Calming project but an initiative in the same area
·  Implementation scheduled for April 2023, coordinated with One Way and 30 kph zone
    School Streets Program pilot    Jackson Ave. between Pender and KeeferCar-free between 8:40-9:10 AM and 2:40-3:20PM on school days from May 8 to June 2. Closed also on Weds from 2:40-3:50 PM for Play Street activities.