2023 AGM Minutes

SRA AGM Minutes Nov. 7, 2023. 7-9 PM

Strathcona Community Centre & via Zoom

Chair: Dan Jackson

Minutes taken by Mike Rhone

2023 In-Review Updates and Plans – Dan Jackson

– **Meeting Frequency:**
  – Switch to bi-monthly meetings unless there is a pressing issue.
  – Plan to publish schedule on a calendar for community awareness: First Tuesday of the month.
  – Actively notify members about upcoming meetings.

– **Newsletter Updates:**
  – Transitioning to a more consistent monthly schedule.
  – Focus on community building.
  – Feature highlights like ‘resident of the month’ (e.g., Gloria at Union Market).
  – Open to submissions to enrich content.

– Consider a refresh/update; it is still actively used.
– Explore the possibility of connecting city issues (motions, zoning, shape-your-city, etc.) to the website for enhanced engagement.

**Celebrate Strathcona 2 / Neighbourhood Events:**
– Recent event impacted by rain; turnout was suboptimal.
– June is identified as high-risk for rain; consider alternative dates.
– Park Board Restrictions on music, food and alcohol.
– Propose a shift in focus and financial support towards successful block parties like Union St and Rise Up, rather than continuing Celebrate Strathcona.
– Support for events like Haunted Alley; highlight in the newsletter.

**Park Updates:**
– Gravel Area:
  – Lights removed due to safety concerns; replacement plan in progress, timeline unclear.

– Tennis Courts:
  – Out of commission; repairs delayed due to permits and utility issues.
  – Aiming for summer 2024 for the restoration.

– Pickleball:
  – Consideration for the park; pickleball league offers support for updates.

– Substantial Updates:
  – There are currently no active plans for improvements due to a lack of funds in the 2023-36 capital Plan
  – FIFA considerations may impact future plans.

– Residents’ Opinion:
  – Perception of the park as underutilized, mainly for non-local baseball players.
– Dog Park:
  – Lack of fencing; despite high dog usage.

– Sports Fields Engagement:
  – Low resident engagement in sports field activities.
  – Strathcona residents’ involvement in City outreach is weak.

– Equitable Greenspace:
  – Strathcona Park was identified in a recent UBC report as the worst in the city for equitable greenspace.
  – New Park Board acknowledges the park survey but faces financial constraints.

– SRA Action:
  – Consideration of forming a “Strathcona Park Working Group” to maintain active advocacy and push for solutions.

**Traffic Updates – Richard Taplin
– Glen:
  – City modified speed bumps but limited impact.
  – Construction planned in early 2024; consideration of modifying with a chicane to deter rat runners.

– Venables + Vernon:
  – Approval for a pedestrian crossing after SRA advocacy; expected to start early next year.

– Hawks St:
  – Pump station progress slow; trucks expected in 2024 before street closure.

– Campbell St:
  – Fines issued for rule violations; 30km/h speed limit sign added along Pender.

– PLC Hospital:
  – Positive impact; truck drivers avoiding Prior Street.

– Bike Traffic Concerns:
  – Resident complaints about bike traffic on Union in front of the market.

– Pender St and Jackson Ave:
  – Speeding issues reported.

**Air Quality Study – Trefor Smith
– Air quality monitors mostly installed by March; some pending due to red tape.
– Data collection began last January.
– Annual summation report expected by EOY (Dec/Jan); hope for more regular reports in the future.
– Optimism for a black carbon monitor (diesel); coordination with the steering committee ongoing.

**Port – Andrea Kastanis
– South Shore Community Liaison Committee involvement.
– Centerm expansion project funding secured indefinitely for community consultation.
– SBIA and another BIA have representation.
– Centerm expansion completed; plans to ‘reimagine’ rolling truck age depreciation.
– SRA pressing for answers on this matter.
– Curiosity about potential increase in rail traffic and its impact on the rail crossing at Venables.

Treasurer’s Report – Dan

In 2023 so far, the SRA has received $4,360 in grants from location fees, SBIA and Lowtide Properties (the latter two specifically for Celebrate Strathcona)

We spent $1712 on Celebrate Strathcona, $675 on various internet accounts (Zoom, Mailchimp, SiteGround) and donated $1000 to the Union Street Block party. Our total expenses were $3607.42

We currently have $43,939 in our bank account, of which $35,071 is allocated to grants from the port and CN Rail.

Board Elections

Board elections we held via e-vote. Elected for a one-year term were Dan Jackson, Richard Taplin, Trefor Smith, Andrea Kastanis, Mike Rhone and Jason Gartshore.