Since the City Council decision to calm Prior and improve access to Strathcona Park, it has been a goal of the SRA to promote re-designing the park to make it a more resident-friendly urban green space. The Park Board began a conversation in March, 2021 to get public input.

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Park fully reopens

October 14, 2021

Vancouver Sun October 12 2021 – Starting today, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation will begin removing the remaining fences to reopen the east side of Strathcona Park.  Although the work is expected to take a few days to complete, the park will be open for public use while work is underway. Visitors will…

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Strathcona Park Remediation

September 29, 2021

Planting in the park When trees need to be removed from parks due to death, disease, or construction work, they are replaced at a minimum 1:1 ratio. In many cases, our objective is to plant more new trees than were removed, to enhance the urban tree canopy and provide more shaded spaces of respite in…

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Recommended Improvements

August 31, 2021

Based on the input we received from our May 2021 survey, the SRA would like to make the following recommendations for improvements to Strathcona Park. PRIORITIZE THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE. The current park prioritizes weekend baseball leagues, most from outside the neighbourhood. We recommend removing the diamond on the east side…

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Remediation Update

July 30, 2021

The Park Board estimates the east side of the park will re-open in early fall. Sod has been laid on the inside of the oval and the plan is to restore the gravel track. Sodding and overseeding of other turf areas will begin this week. One of the cottonwood trees was removed, reportedly due to damage. Other…

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Park Update. 5/27/21

June 1, 2021

Strathcona Park UpdateToday, we received news from Donnie Rosa that the last remaining tents on Raymur Ave are now gone. Remediation of the east side of the park continues. It’s been a long, challenging year for our neighbourhood and we look forward to green space being available to everyone. From our perspective, Donnie Rosa, Sandra…

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Timelines and Budgets

March 13, 2021

Is there a plan in place yet for a major re-design of Strathcona Park? When might that happen? Where will the money come from? Jessica Land, our primary liaison with Park Planning responds to questions about how the process works… Question: What are the plans and processes for park renewal?  Is Strathcona park up for…

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Re-Imagining Strathcona Park Working Group

March 9, 2021

Since the decision to calm Prior, it’s been a goal of the SRA to re-imagine Strathcona Park as a more resident-friendly greenspace. With the encampment hopefully closing in April, we’ve restarted that conversation Park Board planners. We’ve also started a Strathcona Park Working Group to both keep the momentum, advocate for funding and ensure that…

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Re-Imagining Strathcona Park

February 25, 2021

Dec 2020 What will happen to Strathcona Park if and when housing is provided for the homeless and it is restored to a local park? We kicked off a conversation at our November meeting about ways to re-imagine Strathcona Park as a more inviting place to exercise, socialize and connect for all residents: a senior’s…

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