Celebrate Strathcona

Celebrate Strathcona is envisioned to be a 3-4 hour event held in Strathcona Park on Saturday afternoon, June 11, 2022. The intent is to provide all Strathcona residents, especially those who may feel excluded, an opportunity to connect, discover and celebrate our diverse community. It will also be a chance for local groups, organizations and businesses to introduce themselves to the larger community and to recruit new members, supporters and customers. We’re estimating that (depending on the weather) the event would attract 500-1000 residents.

As currently envisioned, Celebrate Strathcona will include three components: Eat, Discover, and Celebrate. The goal will be for all of these to be as green and locally sourced as possible.

The Eat component will be a mass picnic in the oval from 12:00-1:30 PM (imagine a down-home diner en blanc without the dressing). To keep costs, permits, and logistics to a minimum, residents (or small groups) will bring their own picnic baskets and blankets (and maybe something culturally unique to share with neighbours or on a potluck table). The Backpack Program will help food-insecure families build picnic boxes the day before. We will also invite several food trucks and provide free vouchers in advance to food-insecure families. Tables and chairs will be provided by Park Board and the community centres.

The Celebrate component will be performances by local musicians, emphasizing cultural diversity, culminating in a 3-4 PM dance party. At a minimum, we will provide a staging area, power, sound gear and logistical support. Fundraising will aim to pay the musicians.

The Discovery component will be workshops, tours and activities sponsored, organized and run by local groups. The hope is that these activities will include a family/kid element. So far, we have interest or commitments from the following: 

  • A Scavenger Hunt by the Strathcona Community Policing Centre
  • A Skateboard/Bike Workshop by the Park Board and Skateboard Association
  • A Soccer Workshop by the Vancouver Whitecaps 
  • An Indigenous Food Workshop by the Working Group for Indigenous Food Sovereignty
  • Garden tours or workshops by the Strathcona and Cottonwood Community Garden, EYA and Erthhand Gleaners.
  • A Chinese Tai Chi workshop by the Chinatown Transformation Team 
  • An art activity by the Eastside Arts Society
  • A Community Air Quality Awareness booth by the Port and the SRA Air Quality Monitoring Project
  • Ray-Cam and Strathcona Community Centre Info booths or activities
  • A Strathcona Park Visioning booth by Park Board to get park improvement ideas
  • Other Cultural Discovery activities and workshops

There will be a Central Hub Tent/Area for orientation, maps and information. There will also be provisions for porta-potties, shade and water.  

We have already secured a permit from Park Board to use the entire park on that day. We are currently reaching out to potential funding sources to raise the estimated $15,000 budget.