One of the SRA's primary missions is to educate and advocate on issues that directly impact the health, safety and well-being of residents. Each issue below has a small working group dedicated to it. To become more involved, or raise concerns about new or existing issues, use the contact e-mail on the individual Issue pages or the Contact Form on this site.



The Air Quality Working Group began out of concern about the expansion of the Centerm Container Terminal and how the inevitable increase in truck, train and ship traffic would impact our local air quality. In 2020, the group received a grant from the Centerm Community Fund to explore establishing a community-led air quality monitoring project.

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Since the City Council decision to calm Prior and improve access to Strathcona Park, it has been a goal of the SRA to promote re-designing the park to make it a more resident friendly urban green space. The Park Board began a conversation in March, 2021 to get public input.

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The Prior Street Working Group was formed after City Council passed a Motion on October 9, 2019 to approve an underpass on Prior. The motion included a long list of amendments directing staff to work with the neighbourhood to find ways to calm Prior.

In April 2020, CoV Engineering launched a Pilot Project to test short-terms solutions for slowing and reducing traffic. Though hindered greatly by CoVid and BC Hydro roadwork, pilot improvements is still ongoing.


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In 2018, CN Rail reactivated the long-dormant Burrard Inlet Rail Line that runs directly through Strathcona between the Port and the False Creek Yard. The increase in noise, particularly nighttime shunting, motivated a group of residents to file a formal complaint with CTA (which was eventually resolved through mediation).

In 2018 plans were announced to add a second track. As part of this project, City Council voted to ignore the recommendation of a Community Panel and build an underpass where the track crosses Prior. All other at-grade road crossings are expected to be closed to all traffic.

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