One of the SRA's core missions is to promote community safety by working with the Strathcona Community Policing Centre SCPC), the VPD and grassroots groups to report, prevent and reduce crime, to promote a sense of safety and cooperation and to encourage dialogue.

Free, Online Safety & De-Escalation Course

The Strathcona Community Policing Centre is pleased to announce and offer our newly developed Community Safety and De-Escalation Scenario training session. This free educational course has been developed in-house by the Community Policing Centre staff drawing from our training and personal experiences. Click here for more info

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Location: 872 E. Hastings St.
Phone: 604-717-0622

An active community is a safe community. The Strathcona Community Policing Centre involves local citizens in partnership with the police, working together to create crime prevention and safety programs and foster community engagement right here in the neighbourhood.

The Strathcona CPC delivers crime prevention and safety programs plus a wide range of services to the residents, businesses, and agencies throughout the Strathcona catchment area. These programs and services are delivered through the efforts of trained volunteers and supported by SCPC staff. The SCPC provides ongoing volunteer training opportunities in partnership with the VPD and other service providers.

Some reasons to visit or contact the Strathcona Community Policing Centre:

  • To report dangerous or suspicious activity in the neighbourhood
  • To report a crime that is not an emergency
  • To find access to services (safety, crime prevention, social services)
  • To find local volunteer opportunities



This moderated group is for the purpose of sharing information and concerns relating to the safety of our neighbourhood, and for posting information that is relevant and interesting to members in respect of community safety and resources. Topics such as crime, safety, property damage, nuisance and public health concerns are all relevant. Unrelated issues should be reserved for the other great community pages we have.
The usual bad behaviour will not be tolerated, and all should consider this a safe space to share their concerns, knowledge and to support one another.