2023-2026 Park Board Capital Plan

The SRA has urged Park Board to put Strathcona Park on its capital plan for redesign and renewal. The Capital Plan approved by Council this summer allocated $6.3M for Park Renewal and also funds for the renewal of specific amenities in the system such as playgrounds and spray parks, sports courts and skate parks, off-leash areas, washrooms, etc. Here’s a link to the Park Board’s big-picture plan for the next decade. It does not include a plan to renew Strathcona Park but makes a soft promise to upgrade unspecified amenities. We suspect this means it will remain primarily a park intended for weekend sports teams from outside the neighbourhood.

According to Park Board staff: “Truthfully, it’s not as much as we would wanted but funding needs to be balanced with all City services. Our project delivery is directed toward growth areas and Equity Initiative Zones which include the Strathcona neighbourhood, and we will be determining how funding for renewal projects may apply to specific parks like Strathcona Park with additional guidance from approved policy. For the time being please note that staff will not be undertaking engagement on any park renewal projects until after the election this fall.”