Strathcona Park Remediation

Planting in the park

When trees need to be removed from parks due to death, disease, or construction work, they are replaced at a minimum 1:1 ratio. In many cases, our objective is to plant more new trees than were removed, to enhance the urban tree canopy and provide more shaded spaces of respite in the park.

However, trees are not always replaced in the same location. In Strathcona Park, the tree that was removed from the area north of the walking track has been replaced with two new trees.

Similarly, the low shrubs that were removed from underneath the tree to the west of the children’s playground will not be replaced in that same location due to the health and safety concerns for children playing in the park, including accumulations of sharps and garbage in the shrubs and sightline restrictions.  Staff are working with Environmental Youth Alliance, who program and steward other planted areas of the park, on options to enhance areas of the park with natural vegetation.

Space for dogs

Strathcona Park was a priority for staff working on spaces for dogs prior to the encampment, and the team had been looking into a design for adding secure fencing and signage. Now that we know the park is opening back up again, staff will review what we can do to make the area more conducive for dogs and owners prior to re-opening.

Other maintenance

Park Board staff continue to work on cleaning and maintenance of spaces and amenities in the park, including the skate park. Minor maintenance and repairs to the tennis courts will be happening as weather allows. A full tennis court replacement is not being considered at this time, as it would be part of a future capital planning process.

Skate Host programming in the Skate Park

The youth team at Strathcona Community Centre continues to offer the Skate Host program at the Strathcona Skate Park through until Sunday, October 10 (weather permitting).  Skateboarding enthusiasts are welcome to connect with staff and other park users at the following times:

Tue & Wed: 3-7pm

Sat & Sun: 12-4pm

Staff look forward to carrying on with park activations and supporting access to the park for a range of communities. Please reach out with any ideas or suggestions.