Since the City Council decision to calm Prior and improve access to Strathcona Park, it has been a goal of the SRA to promote re-designing the park to make it a more resident-friendly urban green space. The Park Board began a conversation in March, 2021 to get public input.

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Re-Imagining Strathcona Park Working Group

March 9, 2021

Since the decision to calm Prior, it’s been a goal of the SRA to re-imagine Strathcona Park as a more resident-friendly greenspace. With the encampment hopefully closing in April, we’ve restarted that conversation Park Board planners. We’ve also started a Strathcona Park Working Group to both keep the momentum, advocate for funding and ensure that…

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Re-Imagining Strathcona Park

February 25, 2021

Dec 2020 What will happen to Strathcona Park if and when housing is provided for the homeless and it is restored to a local park? We kicked off a conversation at our November meeting about ways to re-imagine Strathcona Park as a more inviting place to exercise, socialize and connect for all residents: a senior’s…

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