Remediation Update

The Park Board estimates the east side of the park will re-open in early fall. Sod has been laid on the inside of the oval and the plan is to restore the gravel track. Sodding and overseeding of other turf areas will begin this week. One of the cottonwood trees was removed, reportedly due to damage. Other trees continue to be watered weekly. Despite appearances, the six large lights on the field have been there for years, and have not been moved.

As for the west side of the park, the skate park, and a few youth and family activations started in July with support of a staff coordinator in the park. Every Wednesday, the park hosts West Coast Summer Nights, a long-running Indigenous community-sponsored event that started several years ago at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. Partly due to the pandemic, organizers requested moving it outside to the park this summer.

The Environmental Youth Alliance has been running plant and land-based programs for youth at Strathcona Community Garden. The Cedar Mound is being given mulch this week and stewarded by Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty & A Constellation for Remediation.Use of the area for off-leash dogs has been limited now that the baseball diamonds are being used by sports leagues. This is especially problematic on weekends when MacLean Park is busy.

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