Upcoming Demolition of 310 Prior St.

Re: New St Paul’s Project Phase 1a
Demolition of 310 Prior Street, Vancouver BC

This letter is to notify residents of the planned demolition of building 310 Prior Street. The work is a scheduled component of the New St. Paul’s Hospital development at 1002 Station Street, Vancouver BC.

Preliminary exploration and preparation will start immediately, this work will have no impact to the neighborhood. Work will start on August 10 and continue for approximately five weeks. Daily work will commence after 7:30 am and finish before 8:00 pm. The building will be deconstructed in sections and in a controlled, systematic manner. The work is not anticipated to have a significant impact outside of our project boundaries.

What to Expect during Work Hours:

Noise: You may experience noise from the building demolition process, back-up alarms, work crew and other related equipment during work hours. Every effort will be made to minimize noise generation.

Dust Mitigation: Steps will be taken to mitigate dust as the work continues. Water will be the primary dust control method as it is the most effective way to control dust generation. Consequently, any dust generated during the work is not expected to impact outside of our project boundaries.

Traffic: There are no anticipated traffic issues associated with this work.
Should you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Darrin Joss, PCL

General Superintendent, at (604)-335-2669 for further information. Regards,

PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.