Timelines and Budgets

Is there a plan in place yet for a major re-design of Strathcona Park? When might that happen? Where will the money come from? Jessica Land, our primary liaison with Park Planning responds to questions about how the process works…

Question: What are the plans and processes for park renewal?  Is Strathcona park up for renewal?

·        Park Board does not plan an immediate full renewal of Strathcona Park, although there is opportunity to pursue a master plan and renewal of the park in the near future.

·        A master plan is a planning process for creating a comprehensive long-term vision through public engagement and conceptual design. A master plan is required when, for example, a significant portion of a park is in need of a renewal, circumstances in the surrounding community have evolved, new needs and trends have emerged, and/or a park has been expanded. Having a master plan in place also allows the Park Board, along with the community, to implement elements in a coherent way over time as resources become available.

·        The Capital Plan is approved every four years by the elected Park Board and City Council, and determines the work program for new and renewed parks, outdoor recreation, and facilities. Beginning in late 2021, Park Board staff will begin developing the 2023-2026 Capital Plan to be approved by the Board in mid-2022. This process includes seeking public input on what should be included in the next Capital Plan. This would be the best time for residents to advance this idea. The Strathcona Park Master Plan would be considered for inclusion in the next Capital Plan with numerous other projects and programs.

Question: What will the budget be for renewal of Strathcona Park?

·        The budget for a potential master plan and renewal of Strathcona Park has not yet been determined. During the Capital Plan process, staff would develop a high-level cost estimate based on park size, number and type of amenities and an understanding of needs, informed by engagement, policy and precedent.

Bonus Questions: What will the Park Board do in the short term for Strathcona Park? How can I learn more about the Capital Plan process?

·        The Park Board recognizes that Strathcona Park requires significant remediation in the short term and may advance some landscape improvements to safely return green space to the neighbourhood. Developing an early vision that includes community values may inform short-term park activations. A vision for the park also supports future planning processes, including priorities for the 2023-2026 Capital Plan.

·        Information on the current 2019-2022 Capital Plan as well as the general process can be found on the Park Board website here, and on the City of Vancouver website here. Please let us know if you would like to be included in future notifications of the Capital Plan engagement process.