AQ Monitor Locations

The results of our Air Quality Survey have been posted below. The Port is planning to buy 10-15 AQ Monitors. Next step is for us to give them input on where we think they should go. Below is a map based on the responses we’ve gotten so far. Send your thoughts to

Some goals to keep in mind:

– measuring air quality in areas of highest concern (high level of outdoor activity, concentration of vulnerable receptors: kids, seniors, cyclists, exercisers)

– variations in air quality though-out the neighbourhood, allowing us to assess drift and influence of different sources

– impact of the trains idling the BI Line (when they’re there vs when they’re not)

– measuring air quality close the breathing level (4’-6’)

– factoring in wind direction (predominantly from the SE)

– availably of a place to securely locate the monitor.


  1. Hastings & Clark                     highest concentration of Port truck activity
  2. Clark & Adanac                       where bike route crosses Clark
  3. B.I. Line south of Raymur       where train engines idle before entering Port, Raycam, Stamps
  4. Lord Seymour School              elementary school between Clark and BI Line
  5. Union & Raymur                     bike route, Stamps Place outdoor playground, Villa Cathay
  6. Strathcona Park                      high concentration of outdoor activity
  7. MacLean Park                         playground, active park, Metro’s monitor site
  8. Strathcona School                   school, daycare, playground, community centre
  9. Indigenous Daycare Centre     daycare, Hastings St. away from Clark
  10. Alexander Street                     social housing near the Port rail yard
  11. Union and Gore                      bike route, Maclean social housing, most distant from Clark