Feb. 2024 Meeting Minutes

Strathcona Residents Association Meeting Minutes:

Feb 6, 2024

Community Issues

Social Engagement:

  • Positive response! We received 20+ ideas for community events, including mahjong nights, cocktail crawls, weekly meetups at McLean Park (weather permitting), and casual Friday gatherings.

Traffic Concerns:

  • Campbell adjustment feedback: Many residents expressed concerns about the recent changes to Campbell traffic. The SRA will invite the city for a discussion on improving traffic flow and calming measures in the neighbourhood.
  • Other traffic topics: Discussions included the suitability of a 4-way stop at Union/Campbell, sightline improvement opportunities, Google Maps accuracy regarding updates, cyclist awareness (“deaf white cats!” signage?), and the eventual closure of Raymur and Malkin.
  • Advanced green/no left turn request: The request for an advanced green or no left turn on Clark facing south to Venables was noted, with concerns about potential traffic diversion to Adenac.

St. Paul’s Hospital Update:

  • Construction is on track for completion in 2026, with the 11-story building will feature a skybridge to the CSRC research center.
  • Specialty practices building construction is planned for next year.

Port Update:

  • The SBIA joined the liaison committee, enhancing neighborhood feedback opportunities.
  • Efforts are underway to improve the appearance of Heatley Avenue through Campbell Street.
  • Staff-level connection efforts are ongoing to address concerns about reduced technical expertise on the shore liaison committee.
  • The SRA will contribute to discussions regarding ship parking concerns.

Park Board:

  • Ken Sim proposes dissolving the Park Board, with the board hiring legal counsel.
  • The neighbourhood experience with the Park Board has been negative, particularly regarding their response to the encampment.
  • Concerns remain about the sinkhole in Strathcona Park. No eta on the tennis court repairs,
  • The gravel field is unpopular
  • Why can lighting repairs be funded but minor, meaningful park upgrades not?
  • The World Cup presents an opportunity to inquire about potential park improvements.
  • The playground at McLean housing is finally being fixed!

Other Issues:

  • Residents feel the West Side has dominated civic politics for too long.
  • Street tree responsibility remains unclear.
  • Strathcona Park improvements and the unofficial dog park usage at Seymour school were raised.

Action Items:

  • Discuss and choose social events.
  • Invite city for traffic discussion and calming measures.
  • Address Google Maps accuracy and ship parking concerns.
  • Monitor Park Board situation and advocate for community needs.
  • Investigate West Side civic concerns and street tree responsibility.
  • Advocate for Strathcona Park improvements and address unofficial dog park use.