Hospital Update 9/8

After a summer of drilling and installing almost 800 secant piles to form the perimeter of the new St. Paul’s Hospital at 1002 Station Street, the teams are nearing completion and excavation begins in earnest this fall until early 2022.  It’s estimated approximately 300,000 cubic metres of fill will be removed from site, an amount equal to 120 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The False Creek Flats were filled in with debris, garbage and soil in the early 1900s.  All of that “fill” needs to be safely removed so the hospital can be built on the glacial till to ensure seismic stability and durability for the lifespan of the hospital.  

Construction is on schedule. While the bulk excavation is underway, PCL Construction will also begin civil works, including the upgrading of existing and new roads, sewer and water lines on site.