May 3 2021 SRA Meeting Minutes

SRA Meeting May 3 2021


7:00 p.m.

Park Board, City and BC Housing reps were unable to come to update as they are dealing with an issue in the camp.  The majority of campers have gone – a few remain, almost all campers and vans gone –  lots of cleanup happening.  Donnie (Park Board GM) had indicated last meeting that it may take 5-10 days to coax the remaining campers into housing.  Lots of assistance was provided for moving but was anticipated that some would remain for political reasons.

New encampment in an empty lot on E. Hastings between Jackson and Dunlevy (across from the Patricia) on private property.  Seems to be escalating in amount of activity.  Affects people on the north side of Pender– BC Housing is working with  campers to house them.  Encourage residents to make reports when they see small encampments popping up.

Noticeable increase in rat population around the encampment – people are finding them on their property – need to get a solution to address it.  Dan will talk to the Strathcona Garden people who have found humane ways to deal with it.

Consultations ongoing with Park programmers to activate Strathcona Park after remediation – anticipate will be a designated dog area once the planning process has taken off.

Various groups in the neighbourhood taking part in consultations on reactivation;  anticipated that funding will be available for complete re-design into a Park for Residents instead of a regional regional park for sports teams.  SRA has asked for consideration in upcoming capital planning process for the next cycle of funding(years?).  Encourage people to check out Pandora Park in Hastings-Sunrise to see what a park can be if the City/Park Board provide funding.  All residents will have a chance for input – A Survey will be going out to all SRA members in the next few weeks asking for input.

The SRA has lobbied all levels of government to step in and take responsibility for the Park instead of just having people moved out; although it took much too long, it has happened and because of the funding from the federal government and efforts of BC housing, many people are now housed.

Prior Street:  Richard Taplin

Waiting for painters to repaint the lines –overdue – once done,  trailers will be moved from McLean Park to Prior will help calm racing vehicles – also, Crosswalk will be painted. City is slow on this.

Bump outs on Heatley and Dunlevy are designed but no date yet.

BC Hydro will be working between Hawks/Campbell – sometime soon this will be a temporary interference. Waiting for an answer on the speed sign. 

Construction has begun on the hospital – trucks are hauling dirt.  City has made recommendations to the contractor how to get in and out – 1.  terminal to 1st out to the #1 – 2.  Great Northern Way – and 3.  Prior. 

SRA met and were emphatic regarding the hard work it took to calm Prior – 50 trucks a day  (OR IS IT 500?) for 6 months  would be completely contrary to those efforts and the use of the Park.

We need to send letters to the City and the hospital PR Team (list of people to write to on SRA website).  This is very important – we need to stress that this neighbourhood will not tolerate the additional traffic and fumes after all the efforts made to calm Prior and the loss of our Park.  Produce Row has lobbied that it not be Malkin – we need to push that Malkin should be priority.

Lots of angry emails will motivate them to find another answer. 

Keep sending the message NOT PRIOR. 

The SRA Website has a link to the Hospital Planning Website with lots of information on the construction timelines and other info.

Bus Stop:  Megan Winters

No change in spite of efforts – same people still drinking – had to call an ambulance, people are urinating there.  City installed a toilet beside the Astoria which isn’t functioning a month later.  No response to emails to Sandra Singh who is responsible.  Need to put some pressure on the City as it is entirely their responsibility.  Email and complain about it.

Will ask the Park, City and BC Housing representatives to reschedule a meeting to bring us up to date – hopefully within a week.