Jan 5, 2022 SRA Meeting Minutes

SRA Membership Meeting

Weds. Jan. 5, 2022, 7-9 PM (via Zoom)


Off Leash Dog Park Proposal for Strathcona Park

Guest:  Darren Miller, Park Designer, Park Board

A presentation on proposed temporary fencing for an off-leash area including examples of other parks was put forward.   A temporary but structurally sound fence cedar split rail style (see presentation)  that can be re-used if area is relocated due to a new master plan for park in future was shown.   Would be done fairly quickly.   The current idea is to leave it as grass – it’s a large enough surface area that grass can stand up to – in smaller areas grass gets torn up quickly requiring shutdowns and maintenance.  Would have 2 double gate entries and trash bins at each like other parks.


Existing all weather field – typically need a  9 metre run out to separate a fence from a sports field – also it borders on an existing mini-soccer field which is technically a bookable field and people use it. 

Residents are encouraged to leave comments offleash@vancouver.ca



This is a priority, and they would like to get the work done quickly and have it for summer 2020.


Not looking at sub-service drainage at this point but can look into remediating the issue of inadequate drainage in winter time

Reconsidering the existing soccer field area as an additional dog area:

Could look at potentially re-considering but may require additional consultation with the community.  The proposed area is considered adequate for a park of that size.

Shared & responsible usage of all areas:

There are uses that legally can’t be shared; have had discussions with law department and can’t do that.  At this stage feedback from SRA is the engagement process after which a revised plan that hopefully meets more of the above concerns will be presented.



The area is actually quite large – encourage everyone to go and walk the area in person as it is actually larger than it seems.  Currently too many dogs in Mclean park and there have been conflicts with kids – have to have balance and respect those who are not dog owners/lovers.

McLean Park is not an off-leash area; anyone feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable asking owners to leash their dogs is encouraged to call enforcement.

The Park Boards’ People parks and dogs strategy mentions stewardship in terms of owners taking responsibility but any events to move forward are on hold due to covid – will be updating as soon as possible.  It is an important part of the strategy in terms of how the Park Board wants to work with Dog Owners.

Separate Hours for off leash:

have run into problems with that – it becomes too difficult to enforce – the strategy is to have standardized hours wherever possible.

Summary – Dan

Lot of people with dogs – lots of young dogs.  People will continue to go to McLean; there are problems because the park is so small – we could address those problems better.  Offer to run a poll with the larger membership of SRA – to get feedback. 

Darren will discuss with colleagues in terms of moving forward with engagement.

Other Updates:

Air Quality:  The Port has purchased air quality monitors and has agreed to hire consultants to install, oversee and collect data – will be up and running soon.  Small group 4-6 people needed to help interface with the consultants and figure out how to use the data/information to come up with how to get better air quality in our neighbourhood – great opportunity for citizen engagement.  2 year study.

456 Prior – Proposed Development:

Thanks to all who signed the letter – 60 signatures – will send out in next week – if you haven’t signed go to the link in the newsletter and your name will be added.

Prior St. Traffic Calming:

Police are going to put up speed limit signs in January; city committed to bring results of their study in January.

St. Paul’s Hospital:

excavating 24 hours a day – removing soil – and almost no trucks on Prior – good sign they are listening to us.

Burrard Inlet Line :

CN Rail will cut # of trains in half using the line – should be up and running soon – will reduce train traffic and stops on Prior/Venables.

June 11th Celebration in Strathcona Park:

SRa is planning a neighbourhood Picnic featuring music, food and other activities.  Looking for help raising funds – please get in touch with any ideas. 

No news on the underpass; will contact the City for update.