April 2024 Meeting Minutes

SRA April Residents Meeting

April 9, 2034

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Dan Jackson

Minutes: Mike Rhone

1. Dogs in Strathcona Park

The has been some concern lately (on Facebook) about the status quo for dogs in Strathcona Park. The official unleashed area is in the northeast corner, but most dog owners use the larger grassy area west of the gravel field. The concern is over tickets being given out and interactions with reactive dogs being walked by staff from Vancouver Animal Control on Raymur.

No one in attendance shared these concerns. Dan said he would follow up with Animal Control to ask what their policy was for walking reactive dogs.

2. Jackson Street Closure

After assessing local feedback, the CoV School Streets staff have decided not to move forward with the Jackson Street closure. Jackson Street will remain open.

3. Other Traffic Issues (Richard)

Campbell Street (One-Way at Pender)

Drivers are ignoring the signage indicating one-way traffic. The issue has been reported to traffic engineering.

Hawks Street closure at Prior.

The planned closure of Hawks at Prior is on hold due to construction activity on the Raymur Street pump station. This issue will be resolved in September when Hawks Street will be closed at Prior Street using a concrete barrier with a cul-de-sac. The goal is to re-route diesel trucks away from the park and community garden.

Parking Concerns

The number of construction workers at the new hospital site is increasing and is expected to increase even more as the Strand building and Clinical Research Centre get going. This has resulted in workers parking on residential streets, leading to complaints. Some options to consider:

– could the city reconsider relaxing parking regulations around Trillium Street during working hours?

– could the hospital use it own parking lots for workers once they’re ready but before the 2027 opening?

Reps from Province Health in attendance said they’d float the ideas with PCL.

4. Air Quality: Canceling the Rolling Truck Age Project (Andrea)

The Port recently announced that its Rolling Truck Age Project, which was delayed in 2022, has been abandoned altogether. The program was intended to keep older, highly polluting, diesel trucks out of the port and thus motivate replacement. Though it was adopted by most local trucking companies, it was resisted by one trucker’s union.

Next steps: Contact a Port representative favourable to green initiatives for an up-to-date assessment.

6. “Keep It Local” update

One group has successfully organized an ongoing game night. Interest in a book club has not evolved into selecting a book.

The SRA will be sponsoring a weekly gathering in Maclean Park called Strathcona Summer Social. The first one will be on Friday, May 24 from 6-8 PM – and then every subsequent Friday through Labour Day weekend. The idea is simple a chance to meet neighbours. Very informal, no agenda, just come hang out in the park.

Instead of our June Celebrate Strathcona, the SRA will be supporting and promoting several summer block parties, including one in the Labyrinth in July, the Union St. Block party in August and the Georgia St. Block Party in September.

7. Fire Station Annex #2

A new fire station annex has been planned for the corner of Gore at Union (presumably the triangular park by Maclean Housing. It will consist of a temporary modular building and a tent to house trucks. It is scheduled to be up and running by next year.

8.   Other business

Union Street Free table: Is it still happening? Should we offer to help out Huey?