April 2024 Newsletter

Jackson Street Closure Update

The School Streets pilot to close Jackson St. in front of Strathcona School (between Keefer and Pender) is apparently on hold. Our request for a presentation received this reply: “The project team is actively engaged in internal discussions, gathering input from residents, the school community, and various stakeholder groups regarding this initiative. We’ve heard a range of perspectives, including support for safe, active travel options and opportunities for community building, as well as valid questions and concerns about accessibility, parking, sanitation, and overall safety in the area. Considering the valuable input received during this initial engagement phase, our staff is reviewing and exploring the best path forward for this proposed project. No final decisions have been made at this time.”If you’d like to express your opinion before any final decisions are made, send an e-mail to SchoolStreets@vancouver.ca

Initial Air Quality Report Released

In Jan. 2023, the Port of Vancouver (working with the SRA, Metro Vancouver, UBC, and Vancouver Coastal Health) began a two-year air quality study of our neighbourhood. The study involves assessing data from 18 monitors placed in and around Strathcona and adjacent areas monitoring fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone (O3), and carbon monoxide (CO). One of the goals was to see if expanding port operations increased air pollution. The Port recently released a report on the results from Jan.-Mar, 2023. Here’s a link to the Q1 report.

Very briefly, this initial data found that in the first quarter of 2023, average concentrations of NO2 (which comes primarily from diesel exhaust) and PM2.5 (which comes primarily from combustion) were higher in Strathcona than other parts of Metro Vancouver, though never exceeding recommended Ambient Air Quality Objectives (AAQO), with one exception:  “There were some 1-hour PM2.5 concentration “spikes” observed at the 1000 Block of E Pender St. The monitor at the 1000 Block of E Pender St. is located along the Burrard Inlet (BI) rail line. The proximity of this monitor to rail traffic may have contributed to the elevated levels of PM2.5 and NO2 recorded at this station.”  Trains entering the port frequently idle along this section of the BI Line. The full report is information rich and worth a look. The SRA will be holding an air quality workshop when the report for the entire first year is released. Send questions and comments to AQProject@strathcona-residents.org.

SafeGrowth Comes to Strathcona

The Strathcona Community Policing Centre (SCPC) and the Strathcona Business Improvement Association (SBIA) are spearheading a project, called SafeGrowth, where residents, non-profit organizations, business owners, police officers, and city staff work together to identify community safety issues and develop action plans to address them. SafeGrowth® is a philosophy built on the belief that “healthy and functioning small neighbourhoods provide the most sane, healthy, and safest way to build cities in the 21st Century. Great neighbourhoods are not great by coincidence. ​They are great because they are safe and they offer opportunities for creativity, diversity & mobility.”

Throughout the spring, SafeGrowth trainers will be working with a group of local stakeholders to bring these ideas to Strathcona. For more info on SafeGrowth, here’s a link to a short video. Community members are currently being recruited to participate in this program. Participation is free but requires attending three day-long workshops plus time developing initial projects. If you’re intrigued, please contact Dan Turvill at danturvill@strathconacpc.ca or call 604-717-0622.

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