Mar 2, 2022 Meeting Minutes

SRA Meeting Minutes

March  2,  2022 via Zoom

Raymur Pump Station Replacement Project


Helen Mei, Project Engineer and

Emma Mendoza, Community Liaison Officer – City of Vancouver Engineering Department

Re:  The redevelopment of the Raymur Pump Station at Strathcona Park – Large Project that will take place over the next few years.

The City is upgrading the existing station located in the southeast corner of Strath Park.  The pump station is critical to maintaining sewage flow to wastewater treatment plant. It is one of 26 stations all over the City. The station is primarily underground, with a large underground footprint – was constructed in 1962 and is aging.  Above ground is just a small electrical box.

No longer considered safe for workers, it is difficult to maintain, and is prone to failure, i.e. raw sewage leaking into our water bodies – a public health risk).  Also vulnerable to earthquake.

The city has engaged with Cottonwood Garden, written letters to strath residents, provided opportunity for public feedback which ended in September – only one comment from a resident.

Trees  (fruit mainly – plus dogwood, Douglas fir and empress)   will be removed in advance of replacement – approximately 20 of them.  Trees will be used as woodchips and for carvings after consultation with Cottonwood Garden and Indigenous groups. They’re working with urban forestry for replantation.

18-20 months construction begins in June est. completion Nov 2023. There will be a single level building at the current location. They are planning to work with local artists to make the station and or generator more visually appealing.

During construction, the area will be fenced off to ensure safety. Large equipment and machinery.  While construction is ongoing, a bypass system will be installed, including a wet well, temporary tanks and a piping system to collect the raw sewage

Updates will be provided on the project website and will be given to SRA. for any questions.

Updates and announcements:

Celebrate Strathcona

Plans for Celebrate Strathcona Event Saturday, June 11th – 12;00 noon until 4 p.m. are underway.  Permit to take over entire Park including both gardens.  Gardens are planning activities and tours, Eastside Culture Society will have a mural painting event, policing centre scavenger hunt, whitecaps, soccer workshop on the oval hopefully with players, skateboard workshop – more things coming.  Start with a big picnic, closing off Hawks inviting food trucks, backpack program will provide picnic for low income, activities, and live music. 

Volunteers needed to distribute invitations – would like to do a door to door to make sure everyone in social housing

AQ Monitoring Project

Thanks to those who volunteered to host air monitors at their homes.  Low maintenance – do not require electricity – just to be attached.  UBC Study will last for 6 months then the monitors will be taken away.  The Port Study will last 2 years and also has low maintenance monitors.  Locations will be determined before the next meeting.  Residents are needed to look at the data and ask questions – researching the health impacts of the pollutants and research into what other areas are doing to mitigate these things.  Please consider volunteering.

Local Traffic Calming Project

Concern expressed re crossing at Princess Street – due to a situation involving a child.  Councillor Fry reached out to the City and they are rectifying by adding a delay.

Concerns re traffic and safety on Campbell and Glen – City will conduct a survey of all streets in neighbourhood to see what can be done to make them safe – they will be at next meeting to discuss.

Calming Prior

The slip Road which is part of Prior coming from Main at Gore is permanently closed due to hospital construction. 

Request to have curb and pavement adjusted at Campbell and Prior so pedestrians can get with a pushchair across the street – city moved quickly on that.  There are  markers to divert traffic – closed the parking lane and traffic flowing very well.    Engineering will produce a letter saying pilot has achieved goals and changes made will remain in force until the street redesign begins which is a long way away.

Heatley Overpass Demolition

Anna – resident of E. Hastings St. expressed concern regarding potential noise to residents from the construction of the Heatley overpass.  Residents are encouraged to check the website for link for more information and who to write to at the Port – the more letters/emails the better – to express concern regarding their option for 24 hour construction and the potential noise from that.