Strathcona 2030

Draft Guiding Principles

Aug 20, 2023

  1. Promote Community. Encourage, support and recognize the efforts of individual residents and local groups to build a sense of community and common bonds.  
  2. Preserve and improve green space. Advocate for the regular maintenance and improvement of our parks. Push Park Board to make Strathcona Park more resident-centric.
  3. Affordable housing. Support creative ways to increase affordable housing (this might include higher density, revisiting RT-3 zoning regulations, co-ops, co-housing and other alternate forms of ownership.)
  4. Calm Traffic. Advocate for discouraging cut-through traffic on local streets and continuing efforts to reduce and slow traffic on Prior.
  5. Preserving neighbourhood. Prevent surrounding development from eroding the quality of life and urban village character of Strathcona.
  6. Support artists in securing places to create and display their work.
  7. Support local businesses, especially our corner stores.
  8. Air Quality. Recognize the air quality challenges we face and advocate for mitigations.